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32 Replies to “CrowdStar”

  1. Dodgy gaming company that steals money from players. Support is non existent and money that disappears from players accounts never refunded. Scam

  2. My 7 y/o daughter accidently made a large unauthorized in app purchase. I am requesting to have this refunded. Below you will find the purchase information.


     Oct 26, 2013 9:16:15 PM EDT


    A Trunk of Coins (Fish with Attitude)$99.99

    Tax: $0.00Total: $99.99

    Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at

    Thank you, Tye

  3. I have tried contacting you before and got no answer! Perhaps, my next contact should be iTunes and the Better business company with my complaint. Here’s hoping you answer this time. It was necessary to start my two year old game over at the beginning because you did not arrange the game using iCloud.

    That was bad enough but now the game will no login into Facebook! I can not gift to friends , view or dig in their tanks or expand my pearls. Nothing works right. My Facebook number is

    Please correct the problem! I should be able to log into Facebook with out errors! My other games have no problem. I started the game from the Game Center

  4. I brought 555k in coins that was debtd $9.99. I never received those coins, Please refund my money, I think that was so deceitful .I am not happy about this and on top of that you don’t even research the issue.e Crowdstar give me my coins or give me the coins.

  5. On the app fish with attitude ibwas charged $9.95 for pearls and i would really appriciate it if you could give me a refund because i am only 8 and i do not have $9.95. thanks!!

  6. I need a refund for $100 in purchases I didn’t authorize. This is going to overdraw my account. I do not want whatever these purchases are for. Please contact me.

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