CVS Caremark is the only fully integrated pharmacy health care company in the United States. Our offerings across the entire spectrum of pharmacy care allow us to provide greater convenience and choice for patients, improve health outcomes, and lower overall health care costs for plan sponsors and participants.

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  1. This CVS is absolutely ridiculous. The cashier was very rude to the customers, and was talking to them disrespectfully. She doesn’t care; she even gave us her name to let us complain.

  2. My girlfriend uses coupons and extra care bucks to get better deals. These are generated by CVS to try and be competitive one would assume but upon visiting a 24-hour store the employees made condescending remarks towards “people who have to use those coupons are a such a bother”. Waiting to pay for the items also brought another hardship in that they were much too busy for tasks like collecting the money that will eventually pay their wage. To further the ridiculous, a return was attempted with the reciept given at the time of purchase only to be met with “Are you sure you didn’t get that out in the parking lot”? How would one otherwise prove a purchase? Paying customers are just such an imposition to these “employees”. Being one to engage idioits like this for sport I go by to annoy them any way I can other than spend money with them. Interesting business model that is nothing like the “culture” described in it’s webpage.

  3. I stopped by this morning to purchase a late gift before I went into work. I saw a box advertising $4.99 perfumes….yay! I could afford this one, I took it to the cashier and it came out as $22.00. I showed them the box where it stated the low price. I asked for the manager (lady) and she came out and saw it, but she just said it was in the wrong place! I couldnt believe what I was hearing! I went ahead and bought another one for the low price. But I would never go there again. Sad, these people are untrained and unhappy with their wages and the clientele pays for their unprofessional behaviors. Nevertheless! Merry Christmas to you all.

  4. Hi, this afternoon i went to purchase a lot of idems in CVS in chauncy st in Mansfield,ma , later I went home and I traw all the idems i bought on the table and I saw two idems are missing , I come back and I told the girl can you look at the video from the store to see l what happen with my two idems, they ‘re saying is difficult to see but can be outside at the street and that is not the responsability, i told her wasn’t like that ,I told them can I speak to the manager but saying he wasn’t there and come back next day but still can’t give me my idems back, I told can I have the phone number from District manager, they didn’t want give me the phone number from District manager, I told you people are rude, last time I was here two of the cashier were so rude with me and I talk to the Assistant manager because of the rude and he saw me crying and asked what can I do for you, I told him what happen but didn’t do anything, I think because are too many together or because they are rude.i decide to change to Rite aid for Prescription,all are rude there

  5. Alvarado Medicine Chest to a CVS 2013

    The transition of the Alvarado Medicine Chest to a CVS is terrible. I went in 5 times to pickup a refill on two RX numbers. It has been one excuse after another. For the first week that is undertandable with computer problems. But by second week it is not understandable. There are twice as many people working in there, all 3 registers should be open to clear out the people in line. You stand in line for 30 to 40 mins, then get to the front and get an excuse of why the prescription is not ready. The drug store did not have any problems with the transition from Alvarado Drug to Alvarado Medicine Chest. So why does a big chain like CVS have all of these problems. Who ever does the transition needs to recheck their process. The city of Alvarado only has this one drugstore but we can easily go to a neighbor city for a differeent change. The service we are getting now is no where near the quality service we are used to with the prior owners

  6. CVS Store Customer Service Review 2013

    I live in Sacramento California and have been a CVS customer for many years. My local CVS is located on Howe Ave in a small neighborhood shopping center that serves an aging population. I like the way CVS calls me to remind me that my prescriptions refills are needed or ready for pickup. I find the staff at this store to be, friendly, helpful and polite, and it pains me to know that I seem to care more about your employees than you do. Today, I went to the store around 5:00 PM, and as I waited to pay for my goods, one of your employees was apparently, getting off work. The busy manager, asked her to come behind the counter, where she stopped ringing up purchases to inspect the employees purse and bags. Upon finding nothing out of the ordinary, the manager, said to the employee, “Looks good. You can go.” Startled by this act, I blurted out that I didn’t think I could work anyplace where I wasn’t trusted.

  7. Today I stopped by my CVS in Winchester Indiana,store# 6620. This is the same store I have all my prescriptions. While I was there I needed to use their women’s public restroom. When I went into it I could not believe it. It was disgusting and dirty, especially for being public let alone a drugstore. The stool looked like someone had vomited in it and was actually dried on the porcelain. The sink was filthy and the floor looked as if it had not been cleaned in a year. Dust was thick under the metal shelving that stored the TP and hand towels. I usually don’t say anything, just not use their facility again. However, I can’t get it out of my mind that the pharmacy techs use this same restroom and then they handle people’s medicine (My medicine). I hope someone notifies the store and addresses this problem. Thank You

  8. I have been in to the CVS Pharmacy on the corner of North Tarrant Parkway and North Beach Street in Fort Worth, Texas . On Thursday I waited 15 minutes in line to place an order for Control Drops for a Glucometer and was told they would be there the next day at 3:00. My phone number was taken and I wad told that I would be called if there was a problem with the order. The next day I returned, once again waited 15 minutes only to be told the drops didn’t come in and didn’t know when they might come in – wasted my time- customer service training might be needed here- call your customers when there is an issue- don’t make customers wait so long- you have lost my business- I work in a busy medical office – we would lose pts if we treated them this poorly! I’m done!

  9. Is there a policy in place for a manager at the Towanda store for sleeping with the truck drivers that deliver to the store. My current boyfriend slept with her before we met and told her he

    didnt want to see her again. She has been harassing both of us fir four months. I am a gov.employee and she has called me

    at work and had her friends call. My next step is to get the police involved. Patty gallery towanda store in pa. Do something with this unstable woman!!

  10. While most of the time I get good service at the CVS on Hardy Rd in Vinton VA, today and yesterday I was very disappointed by the insensitive treatment my wife recieved at this neigborhood store. There was a problem with what our insurance provider’s information had and the numbers that they had at the CVS pharmacy. All they needed to do was call my insurance and the problem could have been strighten out. They told her they didn’t have time to take care of her. Meanwhile her medical condition was going untreated. I’ve always believed that providing care for the customers was of a high priority at CVS. Please get some poeple of color at this store. Most of the time they do a good job but today they really did not represent the kind of careing service CVS is known for. Thank you and please help those of us who are sometimes treated differently at this store.

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