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  1. The cvs in Atwater, California on Bellevue has horrible customer service and the pharmacist is even worse. I recently had a prescription that took 5 days to refill and when I finally received my medicine after I was home I was called and told that they had filled the prescription wrong. Instead on the one month supply I was given the full 3 month supply. Now the pharmacist refused to fill any of my prescription cause I left and didn’t return my prescription. FYI. Pretty ridiculous that she filled the prescription wrong and then tells me she won’t fill my prescription there any more. Sounds like cvs better take look at their employees. Cvs has lost my family’s business entirely.

  2. Your store #1393 in Manassas, Virginia has serious problems. The pharmacy is very slow, inventory outages are prevalent and the store is filthy. The front windows are so dirty any observant customer should be insulted. Shockingly, the floor people appear to be willing to be helpful. The store manager is not doing his or her job, nor is the DM.

  3. I sure do enjoy everything about CVS and all that this place has to offer… thank you again … for all that you do to bring great service to all of us. Have a good one…

  4. Every day I receive offers and CVS sends their share to me. I got an offer for 100 prints to be made for a cost of .11 cents each, if I used the promo code as indicated. I went to my local CVS store, spent an hour picking out photos for printing, and the asst manager, Michelle, said that it was only for online customers.

    If you look at your records, you will see that I had been a very good photo customer of yours until about two years ago. I have been going to Walgreen’s where there are no exceptions to their Promocode. management is there to fix problems at Walgreens, not set up road blocks to my accomplishing my task.

    Michelle takes delight in denying customers their coupons, and this is not the first time I have had her send me to Walgreens where I spent $30 on photos.

    I don’t understand why CVS works so hard to get customers in the store, then hire idiots like Michelle to send them away.

  5. I have shopped at the CVS store on Rosewood Dr. in Pleasanton California for many years. The store was a Long’s drugs which I loved. As soon as CVS bought them the selection narrowed but it still was “acceptable”. In the last year or so the store has fallen into decline that I cannot help ut report to upper management. The store has empty shelves, with most areas of the store in disarray. In other words this store is a mess. It makes Walmart look pristine in comparison. Almost every time I go in there I don’t come out with what I am looking for because it is not on the shelf. Thats bad enough, but the merchandise that is on the shelf is not in order. I wish Rite Aid was in this shopping center where I work. CVS is a negative shopping experience.

  6. KUDOS

    KUDOS to the entire staff of CVS at 2790 Post Road in Warwick Rhode Island. MIKE THE MANAGER, Mona the pharmacist to the very personal and helpful Marie a cashier ….they are like family our families are theirs and they always are friendly and concerned for the customers….always a smile as you leave.Thank you CVS you are the only pharmacy for this family.

  7. What is up with CVS not selling tobacco products?

    I’m selling my CVS stock, you should be looking out after the shareholders and not Michelle Obama’s whims. What’s next are you going to ban candy, and sodas?

  8. The no Tobaco for health reasons is bogus

    Are you going to stop selling the high profit

    Snacks you peddle as well?

    We are done with the CVS phonies and will

    no longer support their stores.

    I bet your company sees no problem with pot


  9. I was supposed to get $5 off if I spent $20. I put Coupon on my card. Went to CVS Sat. evening 2-1-14. Bought over $20 worth of merchandise but only received $4 off. Like to know why. This the second time this happened when I put coupon on card. From now on I will print the coupon.

  10. Experienced great customer service today at store in Fayetteville tn. Pharmacist stopped what he was doing to help me. It was such a nice change from what I had encountered from the Walgreens store. Cvs gave me great service today

  11. I would like to compliment the Danville Tassajara, Ca store because they have a wonderful, pleasant, helpfull, knowledgeable employee named DEBRA MAGLIANO.

    I have a broken arm and could not operate the Kodak Photo machines to order New Years cards. None of the floor clerks knew how either. Debra was on her lunch time, but she willingly cut it short and came to my rescue missing her lunch again. She is so pleasant and calm and really is so helpful to everyone.

    I have shopped at CVS and Longs Drug before it for 15 year and have observed Debra over the years as being extraordinary in her job. She goes the extra mile with a smile for her customers and her fellow workers. I vote for her to be employee of the Year. I wonder if management knows how valuable she is.

    I would appreciate knowing if this comment reached the proper people. I could not find a phone number to call and felt this was my only avenue

    Thank you for your help. KC

  12. Your Bakersfield ,Ca.stores, Boise & Caldwell , ID. And those stores visited in Provo , riverton, sandy & Salt Lake City Ut. Stores are all about the same when using the pharmacy, SLOW , unorganized, many times down right rediculous and rude. And did I mention Very Slow! It doesn’t matter what time you drop off a prescription , 1 hr, 3 hrs, 1 day or 3 days they are simply never and I do mean I have never come back to find my scrips ready! WTF! Get your act together ! I have a chronic health issue and take meds on a regular basis and I travel often therefore it is easier to try & use one pharmacy, but I have quit using your services as of today I am through supporting your very poor excuse for a pharmacy! Here is a thought ! Pay your staff enough to give a damn!! I should not have to wait an additional 30 min to 1 hr every time I come back to pick up my refills no matter how many days I left the prescription. You guys can be counted on for one thing though and that is your consistency to always make your customers wait an additional hr, or day to fill a prescription no matter what store , no matter what city. Regardless of which state I am in . Go Cvs! I am done for good , you have tried my patience for the last time. You wouldn’t last as a real business, but I suppose as a stock owned , multinational business this is of no interest to you! Just issue more stocks and keep on going. I have started using a small family owned & operated pharmacy in Bakersfield Ca. And I was really amazed at the 10 minute turn around on what always took CVS at minimum One day and then another 1 hr,and the cost was actually $8.79 less . Why didn’t I find this alternative sooner! So long !regards, j.Morres

  13. I am a 75 yr. old woman who suffers wit numerous chronic pains & has to have pain medication to help get me through every day.The CVS store located in Sun City Center,Fl. told me that my pain mediation could not be filled due to them not receiving their mediations because of the holidays.In the meantime,I have suffered GREATLY this past week because of not being able to get my pin pills to help me.I have tried numerous other stored despite having problems driving.I was given the same excuse at these stores.I would like the cvs store near-by to at least be courteous enough to give me a call when the drug shipment arrives there so a to prevent me from making so many trips to & from that place to hear that the shipment hasn’t arrived yet.I am now considering getting my husband’s & my prescriptions at Walgreen’s from now on because of this incident.Perhaps some other customer will benefit from this letter f cvs does anything about this problem.They should have had enough medication on hand for the holidays especially since they know that I get my pain pills refilled on a monthly schedule.I have been doing this for nearly three years now!!!Thank-you.

  14. I just took my friend who is a cancer patient to CVS 8247 to refill a pain medication that she has been on for some time so this is not a new medication. Understanding that the perscription could not be filled because the pharmacy did not have enough medication and that it is a controlled substance.

    What suprised me was that no offer was made to contact any other CVS though there are many in the area. When I called the (#8247) store to question why this had not been done, I spoke to the store manager who transferred me to the pharmacy. I was on hold for 15 minutes with someone intermittantly picking up the phone and hanging it back up. I finally got to the pharmacist by calling back to the store and asking the manager to please find out how much longer I am going to be on hold. Only then did the pharmacist pick up. I explained and asked why no other CVS has been called and was told that store to store calls are not done when the drug is a controlled substances.

    1. There needs to be a sign or the public needs to know that. (we could have filled this one at the hospital but CVS has the rest of her perscriptions. It is 17 degrees in Detroit today and had we known the policy, would have done otherwise)

    2. Where is the fraud and abuse if the person has a valid prescription? Everyone on a controlled substance is NOT AN ADDICT!!!!! Some people are just sick, in extreme pain and just need to experience painless sleep or daily function.

    We cannot help it if some persons have chosen to abuse by prescribing and/or taking controlled substances nor can we help it if the same drug that get people “high” give a little peace to others. Either way CVS should reveal all of the facts so that it’s customers can make an informed decision.

    Bottom line; two of your CVS loyal customers (me included)have gone rogue… Thanks to Walgreens!!!

  15. James at the CVS in Bakersfield, Ca on Stockdale Hwy is wonderful. He provided me with EXCELLENT customer service and walked me through the process of my photo order from start to finish. I will be using that location from now on, even though it is out of my way because of the courtesy and professionalism displayed by James. His positive attitude shows the values of that location!:-)

    Thanks James!

  16. Store in Paris, tx on lamar st says they open at 7am I waited till 7:20 before I gave up and went to wal greens, I also tried calling several times but no one answered

  17. I wrote a complaint letter to CVS Customer Relations Department on October 14, 2013 about a terrible experience that my 76 year old mother and I had at a CVS Store located at 1549 SW 107th Ave. in Miami, Florida and to this date, I have not had a response. I called their Customer Service Center over two weeks ago and I was promised that I would get a return call in two business days; it’s been over two weeks and no call yet. This is no way to run a business, whatever happened to the concept of providing the best customer service to your clients. As a result of this horrible experience, my family and I have not shopped at any other CVS Store since then and have proceeded to transfer all of our family’s prescriptions to our neighborhood Walgreens Pharmacy.

  18. cvs store#793 in gloversville ny very rude employee named colleen went there nov 15th 2013 tried to use cvs kiosk ,reward and email coupon with rewards card and cdphp ins co discount card colleen was rude, bossy, tried to not use coupons, said my merchandise was on sale so coupons were no good nothing was on sale said i couldnt use both cards couldnt use cards with coupons etc. always used cards and coupons before at old cvs employees there were always great. colleen told me, very rudely, that i need to start paying attention to my cards and coupons and matching the corresponding numbers up! who ever heard of such bull? no longer shopping there will take my business elsewhere. colleen needs to be reprimanded for her attitude!

  19. Hi, I took my cell phone to download all pictures @ 1400 on Friday 10/25/13 was told to bring the ub cable.Came back on tuesday 10/29/13 and was told no need for the cable, they told me how to downloaded, after 20 minutes did not download the pictures. They made me tried another machine and it worked. I put my profile and selected almost 900 pictures to have a CD. After all that trouble and 50 minutes at the store, I was told they run out of CD’s and had to come back on friday 11/01/13. Well, all this time they had my cellular and the manager that day working on my pictures his name is Mondo…I saw him trying to put back the SD card and it was popping out until I saw him closing the cell and giving it back to me…Told him I would come back Friday.

    Well, the next day Wednesday I was trying to look for a picture of my granddaughter and got a message saying “no SD card”. I opened my phone and the SD card was not there at all. I was at work so I waited until I got off, went by and saw the same manager he looked everywhere, got my name and # and told me if he found it he will call me back.

    I want you to understand the importance of this pictures, I got from the day my granddaughter was born until present.

    Well, went to the store this morning and spoke with Stacey very helpful lady and another guy there Kevin, Store #4737 and she looked everywhere,she even asked Kevin how we are going to compensate this lady and he gave her “the look”, then he gave me another SD card that is not compatible with my cell because is not reading the card and in top of everything he “Kevin” told me to go to TMobile and see if they could help me.

    I know you have cameras in your stores so I want you to retrieve that day and play it and you will see what happened. Tuesday 10/29/2013.

    I want some type of resolution to this problem that is causing me a great deal of pain and my blood pressure is so high that I can’t get ride of the headache.

    I want my SD card with all my pictures in it. I am going to go public with this issue because I dont want anyone else to go thru this pain.

    I really hope to hear from you within the next 24 hours.

    My cell:

    My email:

    Irela Destorch


  21. Some weeks ago I was helped by a one of your young female assistants, Momema, in your store at Cleveland Circle (Beacon Street), Brookline, Massachusetts. Momema, has helped me on many occasions in the past few years. She is an extraordinary intelligent, helpful, caring person and should be promoted or at least be recognized for her excellent service to her clients at this store. It is always a pleasure to be shopping here knowing that there is somebody as helpful and professional as she is.

    She is a role model for all sales assistants that should be recognized and/or rewarded!

    Thank you.

    Tatyana Goldwyn,

    Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02467

  22. ON 10/21/2013 Monday afternoon I was at the drive thru window at approximately 6:11 a young lady by the name Brittney Alston appeared to be on the phone so I waited until she came over to the window the time frame was outrageous it was exactly 6:18. Whenever she came to the window she did not greet me as a customer nor did she apologize for me waiting. I handed her the prescriptions and she said to me was they will be ready in 1 hour. I show up 10 minutes later and another young lady by the name of shonda comes to the window and ask me who was i pickin up for and the birthdate she said they are not ready so i said I have went through this two or three times with this store and she said well one of the meds just got to be mixed and i said well give me that one and just give me the other prescription back she said ok . Shonda came back to the window with no explanation she gave me both prescriptions back and closed the window.The store # was 04150.This store showed me poor customer service especially for a sick child.

  23. Store 10156

    Joyce, the pharmacy tech at the CVS pharmacy did a great job in solving the dilemma of mismatched insurance numbers on our card compared to numbers in the system. She contacted our insurance company, Caremark, persisted until she spoke to a person (since the computer was not helping) and got the correct identifications numbers that allowed the prescriptions to be processed. This was all done with a smile and patience.

    I thank her so much.

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