CyberLink Corp is the leader and pioneer in enabling digital multimedia on PCs and CEs. Backed by a group of high caliber software engineers, CyberLink owns its core codec and a number of patented technologies.

CyberLink USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ<

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  1. I would like to have a manual on CyberLink. Is there such a thing? I want to put a home video on CyberLink so I can edit it. Can this be done. Please help me>

  2. Power DVD installed on my new computer with Windows 8. Wont play DVD from library. Message :DVD Region mismatch even though it is not

  3. I am very unhappy,as I bought and paid for this product ten days ago and still have not got it downloaded to my pc.I have not benn able to talk with anyone about this problem.

  4. Cyberlink has GREAT video editing tools and DREADFUL customer support.

    Even worse, many of their products cannot be bought as traditional discs.

    Dumb! Computers crash. Things happen. And sometimes you just have to

    reinstall the program from discs. In these (often mission critial) situations,

    traditional discs are a life saver. To not sell traditional discs for all

    products indicates a deep seated contempt for users, or, at the very least,

    a lack of understanding of how computers are used today. This lack of under-

    standing seems very inconsistent with PowerDirector’s high quality, with their

    position as an industry leader, and with the way PowerDirector programs

    consistently meet consumer video-editing needs. The disconnect VERY WRONG!

  5. Horrible. I have enjoyed Cyberlink 9 but when I need to reinstall I can’t get a hold of anyone and my key will not work! I am stuck and the more I deal with their website the more frustrated I get!

  6. I tryed to call510-668-0118,but it’s disconected.What is your phone number?I need to knowe witch power dvd 9 is,it don’t tell’s me were you uninstall program on my computorI need to uninstalle it so I caninstall my power DVD ultra.I can see 5 programs on my computor that is made by cyberlink,but none of them tells me witch witcgh one is the power DVD 9 please let me knowe witch one to uninstall.Thank you Orvar.

  7. I bought two copies of PowerDVD 12 on 1/15/2013. Worked great when first installed, now it no longer runs on either computer.

    These are disks I recorded myself of my daughter’s orchestra concerts. It says one of the following each time: 1) It can not access the device 2) It can not look up information on the disk on some internet data base (of course not — it’s a home video!). 3) Try un-installing an reinstalling — tried that and no luck.

  8. Hi Ray

    I have the same problem. I have contacted Cyberlink numerous times. I have yet to receive it. Instead, they sent me a backup CD with the Holiday themses on it–I didn’t order that. I have never had any problems with cyberlink before, but the people who manage it right now needs to be replaced with somebody more competent. Man, I tell you, I’m fed up with them


  9. I bought a photodirector v4 ultra from fry’s on nov. 26 2012

    because of mistake made by fry’s stuff juvan j. he gave me only one rebate form so that it misled me send both $35 & $30 rebate receipts to your rebate center.

    can you please check this case and transfer the $30 receipt back to Fry’s to prove that

    I was send the receipts on time.

  10. I’m working on CyberLink PowerDirector 10 to create new DVD.

    I had no problem in the past 2 years. But, today the warning

    sign appeared as following :

    ” Media Source Error : A front and graph steaming Error occured.

    Try again or contact CyberLink Customer Support”.

    What went wrong and How to Fix it ??? Please give your help soon !

    Thanks a lot

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