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  1. I do not like the new format! Why did you change a good thing ? Every article looks like an advertisement. Admittedly, the price of the subscription is a good deal, but then I find out Peter Egan will only be part time. If it were not for the red tape involved, I would demand my money back. Instead, I’ll pass the issues on to the local library. I will not subscribe again.

  2. I used to subscribe to Cycle World. However the company that does their renewals keeps sending me renewal invoices for the last several months. They claim to have “begun non-payment procedures” and that my name will be added to their “Account Delinquent files”. It is signed Leigh Bingham for CYCLE WORLD. I did not renew any subscription with them and have written them several letters asking when and how I did. Of course there has been no response. If I ever see anything on my credit report having anything to do with this action by them, I will be in the Columbia County Small Claims office in Portage WI in no time flat to sue them. Not a threat, just a fact.

  3. You sent me a final invoice saying I owe you 11.97. I never ordered your mag. I do not like sport bikes nor do I ride or own one. You sent this mag taged to another mag I did ordered.

    A long time ago I sent you e-mail since you hide your phone number so well that I did not want you rag-Mag. But you payed no attention and kept on sending it.

    So now cancell this final notice as I have no use for your mag.

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