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With Cymax PERFECTION is the philosophy of our online furniture business. We take the time to process your order with the utmost care, to ensure that your furniture needs are met to your satisfaction.

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  1. I bought a hooker hall console from Cymax it was very poor quality

    and was delivered broken the delivery people done a lot of damage to my yard.

    I repacked this broken furniture thinking you would do the right thing.

    It is still sitting where they left it 3 weeks ago.When I call you at 10 am Your

    answering machine say to call at business hours between 8 am 4 pm

    It sure is strange a company of your size has only one phone number.

    order # vrc121-7833430 I will get a refund if I have to come to your office

    In Reston Va

  2. Cymax are crooks take your money and no customer service or product. Promise updates on your email and do nothing. My credit card union with 8 million clients plus will go after them and put a red flag up for all future users using their card so no one can order future usage with this huge credit union.

  3. I love WHITE.. california decor.. I saw and fell in love with this white coffee table.. it was delivered in three to five days..

    my only conflict.. they did not tell me that it has to be assembled.. I LOVE THE LOOK AND THE PRICE… ALL IS WELL

  4. I ordered two night stands. They came in and had minor damage. I opted to keep one as it had very minor damage and was in an inconspicuous area. The other however, had more obvious and visible damage. I emailed them and was instructed to donate the piece to a charity and show proof it was donated. Then they would send a replacement. I thought this was a great idea. So I did as directed. When the replacement piece came, it too was damaged. So I emailed back again. I was given the same instructions. I emailed them and requested they send out another piece immediately as I did not want to wait another two + months for the piece. Now I cannot get a hold of anyone. I have to agree with the other commenters… DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, AND LET AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN KNOW. I know there is some legal action that can be taken, but it will cost more and take more time than what I already have invested in the night stand. I think cymax knows this too and that is why they are so brazen.

    Mario G.

  5. Over $2200 of furniture ordered in September. After waiting over 6 weeks for delivery, requested cancellation. No response to cancellation request, told 10 days later that merchandise was shipped and cancellation request could not be honored even though the website site states that decision on cancellation will be made within 2-3 business days. I have recieved no furniture and company refuses to refund over $900. Beware, this company is dishonest, they are not reputable, customer service is non existant.

  6. Placed an order 10/14/12….. was promised delivery for 10/23 – 10/25. It never came, was then promised delivery for 10/29, Never came, was then promised delivery of 11/2, never came and was again promised delivery no later than 11/6… My item is not only still not here but no one can seem to tell me exactly what wearhouse its in and when I can expect it. Really more than disatisfied at this point. I ordered a specific bed frame because of the height and I have a back problem. I also bought a new special mattress which is on my floor and has been since mid October. Obviously they don’t care that it is hurting me to try to get down to my mattress and up from it each day. Thanks for nothing!!! So happy you took my money but never sent me the product.

    Unless something drastically changes in the next day or two I WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY again and I WILL MAKE SURE TO TELL EVERYONE. Service has been terrible. No one seems to have a answer for me.

  7. I purchased a Jamician dining room sideboard. The furniture was received as promised by Cymax. However one of the doors was damaged. I tried with no success to E-mail as well as call customer service. The E-mails were returned & the calls were never returned. I did not want to return the sideboard I only wanted Cymax to replace the damaged door. Don’t order from this site you will be one sorry customer. They do not stand behind their products. They will not respond in any way to you. I will tell everyone who asks not to order from them they are not to be trusted. I purchased the sideboard in August 2012 & it’s now October 2012. I give up, I think I buy some paint & fix the door myself.

  8. I thought I was the only customer who had these experiences – these people need to be investigated by the FBI and the Canadian Government. Seems no one receives their merchandise. I will be calling the above agencies and BBB to report these problems. No wonder the company made 90 million dollars, they never have real people on the customer service lines and they lie and one never receives the merchandise. Sharran

  9. I ordered a headboard from Cymax on April 9, 2012. I received email which showed the status of my order as “in progress”. This went on for several days after which I checked my Visa account to find out the $69.99 had already been charged to my account. Upon trying to contact Cymax by phone (what a joke) the wait time was exceedingly long. Finally, I did get to talk to a representative who tried to place the blame on the manufacturer as to the reason it hadn’t shipped. I requested cancellation today (April 24) and credit applied to my Visa account. I find out they have to approve the cancellation and it could take 7-10 days for this credit to take place. Don’t waste your time and especially your MONEY on this fly-by-night-company! They DON’T deliver!!!!

  10. Wow. I was ready to buy a headboard online from this company. I got out my credit card from GE moneybank to see if Cymax used this. When I saw all the complaints that were essentially the same regarding their customer service and long wait times to have items delivered, it seems that this company has very poor business standards. There is nothing worse than getting the run-around! I’ve changed my mind and will not purchase from them!!

  11. I ordered a computer desk and hutch from cy max on February 16th online. The online ad said the desk was in stock and will be shipped in 3 to 5 days. After the 5 days I tried to see the status of my order unsuccessfully. I called Cymax and waited several minutes before speaking to a rep. He said that the desk I ordered would not be available until MARCH 15 th !! After March I had no luck trying to find the status of my order..I called Cymax a numer of times and they said my desk will now be shipped on MARCH 20th! Yes from San Deigo, I was told the desk is now being shipped and it will take 10 to 12 days to be delivered to my NY location. After 13 days .. April 2 No Desk! Called Cymax again about the status of desk and they said desk is now in Indiana! Called shipping company Home Direct…they said the desk will be delivered in about 7 days. I have yet to received my desk… I will NEVER EVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM CYMAX AGAIN. … WILL BE IN TOUCH WITH CONSUMER FRAID AND GOVERNMENT AGENCIES THAT CAN HELP THIS RIDICULOUS COMPANY.


  12. wrong hall chest delivered, this one had no legs, one I ordered sits over a heat vent and has legs to accomondate heat vent. Delivery person took it back, haven’t heard a word about my order which took place Dec. 31, 2011!

  13. Re: Order# V Today: 3/1/2012

    All I want to know is when my order will be delivered. You do not supply an e-mail address, you do not answer your one and only phone number, insted you have a recording with false and misleading information. You basically have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    It is impossable to contact you in anyway. WHY, is it so difficult for you to communicate with someone who has ordered in good faith, given you my credit card information in good faith, and was ready to do future business with you? WHY, do you go out of your way to create a “very bad” business image?

    If you can find a moment in your very busy day to supply this small bit of information,

    it would be appreciated. You have my phone number, my e-mail address, and my mailing address along with the order information above. Thank you, K.W.



  15. DO NOT ORDER from them! It is impossible to get a hold of customer service. I’ve waited over 30 minutes to talk to a live person!! their shipping time is not as promised on the site. I placed my order on 12/2, it wasn’t even processed until 12/7 and I received it on 12/13. Item is not as described and they refuse to replace it. Just an overall terrible company to do business with!!

  16. I placed an order on December 3. 2014 and was told that my order would be on back order until Jan. 7, 2015. It is now January 22, 2015 and I have not received my order as of yet. As previous post has stated, when you call in they never give you a direct answer. I am in need of my merchandise or a refund as soon as possible. If anyone can assist me in this matter, please e-mail me You help in this matter is very much appreciated.

  17. I ordered two Pulaski dressers. The delivery truck only brought one dresser and it was a cheap Korean copy of the ones I had ordered. The dresser was refused. I called Cymax and was told that they had accidentally advertised the dressers that I had ordered wrong. This was a classic Bait and Switch scam.

  18. I have never had such runaround with any company before. They keep coming up with all kind of excuses. last response said they were finally shipping my replacement part. never received !!! Order has been stretched out so long that paypal or google can do nothing to help. That is how they do business. keep putting you off until it is too late. This company is garbage. People Check out this company before buying anything. It is a nightmare!!!!!!!

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