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  1. I have been billed $59.40 that I never authorized for additional orders.i only authorized the shipping/handeling cost’with a free sample pack/that’s been paid to your company.nevertheless I have contacted my attorney’ who is planning a investigation on your company’s fraudulent advertiseing/un authorized billing order number is #47849763 placed on 7-22-13/paid in full in the amount of $ have 24 hours to return the unauthorized’ billing amount of $59.40’after which you shall here from my attorney,no later than Monday august 5th for the amount you have billed without proper concent on agreement’which can be verified’by your tape during ok’of 2 2 trial packs costing only shipping/handeling cost of $9.95.because this product’is infact a fraud’and the ingredients are harmful.i have sent the trial pack to lab for proper diagnosis of tha exact contents.thank you leon burrus

  2. please cancel my future orders for Cyvita…Order # SYVER4IV


    RODNEY TYSON PROJECT # 6BATCH # 532594-579(1)



  3. Cyvita is a scam ,stop all orders to me order ID 10383-201512020305-222224 that I got and charged to my charge card was a waste of money,

  4. I got billed for this product and did not order it, so do not charge my account again you are a rip off, and take that $70.00 off of my account.

  5. i can’t find or get in touch via phone w/ cyvita to cancel any further business. i got the free sample and want

    nothing else to do with this product or company. I demand representatives of this product to cease and desist

    charging me anything, i cancel any further contact !!!

  6. March 18,2014 7:42pm Good evening. I too have just received a new order of Cyvita that I did not order. I haven’t finished my evaluation of the few that I requested as a trial. I’m not going to return this bottle. I’m going to keep it. However,I will inform my credit card issuer that they are not to process any more orders from you. Please, remove my name and credit card number from your files. Do not attempt to use my credit card number again. Do not send me any more Cyvita. Thank you. D’Mitch Davis.

  7. please cancel my cyvita subscription order no. 51405117

    I did not order any refill programjust the free trial only.

    please deposit my money 69.35 back into my account.

    please do not take any money out of my checking account without my permission.

    I did notify my bank to stop payments on any future orders.

    signed James DiGuilio

    )5 03 2015

  8. I have been billed for cyvita that I never authorized for, I called and cancelled my order or subscription two weeks after I received the first box. The date of this order sent to me that I received on 3/25/2014 was 3/21/14 the order number was 49125546, I would appreciate it if you put my money back in my account. the recording told me my order was successfully been cancelled. I didn’t authorize this so please put it back in my account.

  9. I am very unsatisfied with your product and your billing scam(scheme). Your product does not work and you pre-bill $74.97 for a free trial. Please discontinue any further shipments and I will send your unopened garbage back to you.

  10. Please rede posit my 69.35 back into my account, did not agree to this translation, only the free sample. I am not allowed to use this account, my payee has not given me permission to do so. So please refund my money.

  11. Hello:

    Please do not process any more payments for Cyvita on my credit card. It made my boyfriend desperately sick, vomiting and horrible headache. You no longer have the right to charge my credit card and I have put a stop payment on my credit card and you absolutely do not have the right to charge me monthly. You no longer have the right to do this or you will be hearing from my attorney. We are retuning the unopened bottle and I do expect a refund. Please remove my credit card number from your files and do not charge my card again.


  12. The same thing happened to me. We ordered the sample trial and never received that. But received the first month supply with a charge to my credit card. Never have received the sample that was supposed to be for $9.95. They were going to send me a form to fill out since I did not receive the trial bottle, but I never received that form either.

  13. Do not send me anymore Cyvita it did not work as directed or any other way . Do not charge any more to my account as I am completely dissassdisfied . Not even a whimp of feeling better .

  14. please cancel my subscription I did not order any refill program just the free trial only. please do not take any money out of my account without my permission. I thought something was not right when it took 15 minutes before I could hang up the phone. i

    repeat just like I did on the phone. i do not want any refills thank you

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