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  1. hi there i bought i perfume for my wife for birthday present from boots the problem is this is a fault in the bottle it does not spry properly and and there is a spillage it came in up from the top

    i went to the store and because i payed for in in cash they ask me to get a code from the head office so they can change it for me

    i love your product and we bought dereferent item from dolce&cabbana THE ONE REFERANCE NUMBER

    but is the first time we experience this from a faulty bottle

    can you please look in to this for me please

    my phone number is

    kinds regards


  2. I love my dolce Gabbana eye glasses I have three pairs and are my favorite esp model 1102 I had one pair stole 065 stolen and am trying to replace them

  3. Hi there,

    When I was working in Richmond City I bought a D&G sunglasses in a store of sunglass hut in Williamsburg City. So now, it has a problem in her lens.

    Where do I need to contact to solve this problem, please>

    Please, help me about it, I live in Brazil, so is difficult the information


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