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  1. “Hi,

    We have a d-link modem and was told by acanac that i needed instructions from you to have it install on the computer. We have telephone service with acanac, and is in need of registering and loging on. The code given to access on the search bar is;8089, however it is not leading to register user and password. need your advice”

  2. im noy getting any network signal since i bought thr router for my xbox console. I,please need help on setting up my xbox live . Or finding out why no signal.

  3. I purchased a D-link DIR-655 in may 2015 to replace my older and slower D-link-615. I had a problem configuring it to work. After a number of calls with tech support with the problems not going away, I did some computer work myself. I found that my old router was still in the device manager in the computer I had hard wired to the router. I right clicked on the old router, Dir 615, in the device manager and uninstalled it and the software along with it. Rebooted the computer and the new router was configured and it has been working without any problems. I gave 3 stars because of the effort the support technicians did to try and configure it to work. The case number was C6679262, I think more training for operating system for support really would have saved a lot of time for me. I have now 4 different D-link products and this was the worst support I have had with D-link.

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