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  1. The DQ in Springfield, IL on Wabash Ave is the worst in town. I have found hair in my food twice now. They tried to charge me $10 for an ice cream cone. And the employees are so stupid they get peoples orders wrong and can’t seem to understand English!! PLEASE hire employees with brains and not mindless idiots!!

  2. The Lexington KY Virginia Avenue Dairy Queen is the King of Quality Service Personnel.

    I drove off and a window order clerk ran out into the parking lot and stopped my car to give me a forgotten drink!

    I arrived late for my favorite biscuits and gravy (yeah, I know) and again a DQ guy in the parking lot volunteered to “check in the back for me” it came served to my table!

    People here at this location are genuinely smiling and asking if the can help you … the difference from the other well known places, is that these people really Mean, Can I Help You!!!

    My wish is for Dairy Queen to go back to grass fed beef, hormone/antiBiotic free milk (and serve real milk, real free-range eggs type products) and abandon the phony “ice cream” in lieu of a Hagen Daaz type of treat. Hey just charge more and deliver real food, not corporate farmed beef and dairy that drums little farmers out of competition. You know, like the Red Top restaurant in Colorado Springs.


  3. I came to this location in Apopka by chance and have been coming back ever since. The food here is always fresh as if everything is cooked to order. This certainly makes it worth the drive. May I add that the employees are super friendly?!!!

    Thank you Dairy Queen. I am letting all my friends know about you!

  4. I ordered a gift card for a friend’s birthday on January 3, 2013, and she never received it. I called 3 times, the last time being January 18, 2013, 15 days after orderiing and my credit card being charged and me already paying for it and the company has refused to reimburse me or do anything at all. I now will have to spend money suing them because of the principal of the thing. On top of it all, they are very condecending and ignorant talking.

    My advice is for everyone to boycott this incompetent and deceiving, thieving company.

  5. I went to Dairy Queen in Richmond, BC, Canada with a coupon from an Entertainment book which said on the back “valid at all participating DQ restaurants…” When I tried to use it, the manager came to the window and started yelling at me that they don’t take it and that someone would have to pay for the burger and who would that be! How was I to know who would pay for it if I used a coupon? My guess would be the DQ headquarters, but I’m just a customer, it’s not my job to know. He was extremely rude. Had he just said that they don’t accept that coupon at that location, I would have been fine with it. I’m hoping the DQ headquarters reads this as the customer service there was unacceptable!

  6. I ordered 2 crispy fish sandwiches and brought them home only to find out that they put rotten lettuce on both sandwiches. Hoping to make people get sick?



    P.S. The ice cream cake was very delicious

  8. absoulutly rude!! ruined my whole cake because the girl wrote like crap on it. it was crooked and uneven. i have gone to this place for years and the last couple times i went the staff was rude and i had to wait for 10 minutes.. ill stick to ncdonalds dollar cones from now on.

  9. Very Upset over 10″ cake I ordered! Be careful to know “cake” details before you order!! I ordered a cake two days before my daughter’s birthday telling the guy the color on the cake and what to write for my daughter’s birthday. There was no choice as to flavor of ice cream (I figured vanilla), and when we cut it, we find out it’s vanilla on top and chocolate on the bottom and I’m not even sure where the cake is. I called to speak to the manager and he tells me that normally IT IS chocolate on the bottom UNLESS you specify!! Hello, is everyone supposed to know they use chocolate? I told him my daughter doesn’t eat chocolate. I could’ve ordered it somewhere else. To top it off, he tells me it’s “chocolate cookie,” NOT cake. WHAT??!! I told him I orderd CAKE, not COOKIE!!! I will never buy a “cake” from Dairy Queen again! How sad!! Wake up people!!! Not everyone likes chocolate!!!!

  10. We went to the Perryville Illinois DQ for the funnel cake and ice cream. It was terrible s

    I complained and was given a card to do a survey which I cannot find on my computer. code 231dc06a number is at the top of card

  11. I visited my local Dairy Queen today on RT. 42 in Turnersville NJ to get ice cream for my kids after a very long day. I have visited this location before in the past and have never had a problem; however today after asking to cancel my order due to a discrepancy with a coupon that I presented (I did not have enough money to purchase the items without acceptance of the coupon). The person assisting me was extremely rude and disrepectful to me. His behavior upset me AND MY YOUNG CHILDREN who were witness to this unnecessary reaction. I will NEVER go to this Dairy Queen again!

  12. went to the ripley tenn dairy queen and ordered a burger no cheese with mustard and all the veggies,recieved a burger with mustard and pickles. the person who took my order apparently couldn’t haer the order or read it since it was written down and showed to her.this will be my last visit to this hamburger joint.

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