Danby Appliances are marketed under seven brand names: Danby?, Danby Designer?, Danby Diplomat?, Danby Premiere?, Simplicity?, Arcticaire?, and Danby Silhouette?. All of Danby?s products meet and exceed all environmental safety standards and offer UL, CSA, NRTL, and ETL recognized standards approvals.

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  1. I got one of your 0.7 cu,ft microwaves M#dmw799l/w ser# 1712061211487 and gave it to some one who needed it. for Christmas .. he has not been able to use it for weeks as it dose not heat any thing. would you please be kind enouve to do somthing about this please .

  2. Buying an appliance from Danby may not be such a good idea. If your parts are off warranty (usually a year) you will find that it may be cheaper to buy a new unit! And if you don’t have a 5 year service warranty on labor, it is DEFINITELY CHEAPER to buy a brand new unit…preferably from MARVEL which rarely needs servicing! That is because it costs about $185 for a service call to diagnose the problem in the NY area. Then, the part and installation(if a wine refrigerator, usually the compressor goes pretty quick) costs about $400. Plus tax. A brand new Danby wine refrigerator DWC 508BLS-SS 50 bottle undercounter unit on Ebay from a reputable place like AG Madison costs $599 with free delivery. Marvel (better) goes for about $300 more. Of course, you could get a quote on a new compressor from Danby’s parts department (about a 40 minute wait serenaded by horrible repetitive music, on backorder (I wonder why) for 10-14 business days, for $217 and install it yourself. You’re still in for $417 and by now, your wine will be cooked. Just a word to the wise. (I am now the wisest!)

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