Darden Restaurants


Darden Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32837

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3 Replies to “Darden Restaurants”

  1. I worked for Darden (Red Lobster) in 2011, After filing my 2012 tax return I was informed that Darden witheld an extra 42$ of my social security tax and I should request that it be refunded:

    Usually your Social Security tax withheld will be 4.2% of your Social Security wages in Box 3 of your W-2. If you entered your W-2 correctly, you should contact your employer and request that they refund the excess Social Security tax to you.

    It looks like your GMIRI, INC. W-2 has too much Social Security tax withheld in Box 4. If you entered your W-2 information correctly, the amount of excess Social Security tax you should request GMIRI, INC. to give back to you is $42.

    Please advise on how I collect what is owed to me,

    Thank you for your quick response,


    Spencer Imboden

  2. I tried calling today I eat in red lobster last night. One of my favorite places.I dining experience was horrible and I complained and was treated terrible I got 5 different sets of dirty silverware and the people next to us opened their silverware to food in the napkin…Lost my buisness

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