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  1. I am a member of Plenty of Fish Dating Service and my User Name is ScarlotOhara. I allowed you to upgrade my account last month for $34.50. However, you took another $34.50 out of my bank account, today 7/6/12. I did not authorize this expenditure. This is a free dating service and I wish to continue on this sight as a member who is using the free aspect of this site. I cannot afford $34.50 per month. In fact, I had unusual expenditures for the month of July and wish you would return the $34.50 to my bank account. I had plumbing problems in June and my water bill was over $70 which is a cost included with my rent. My rent is usually $430 per month. Because of plumbing problems my rent was $500 for the month of July. I am on a fixed income and this amount ($500) is too high for me to pay as rent and also pay my other outstanding bills for this month. Please return the $35.40 to my bank account. Thank you. Please inform Billing not to take out this amount any longer from my bank account.

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  3. They spent literally hours Composing certain emails to certain girls on the site….. I tried 3 different times With 3 different woman. And none of my emails we go through I have full bars on my phone reception…… This has happened to me before but never this seriously… Is totally frustrating…. I doing something wrong?????¿???

  4. I cant remember my pass word & despite several attempts to b able to change it by receiving an email I am not getting ANY email or gmail to complete the change password process. The sight says it’s been sent but it sure never arrived.

  5. My name on datehook is beluebella. I cannot rememembet my password or email that I ued when I set it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. i just joined. logged out now cant log in!! CANCEL my accounr asap!!!!!!!!!! not worth my time. so i cant cancel myself because i CANT sign in. forgot password…….no i did not i have it all wrote down. CANCEL ASAP!!!!!

  7. Please take me off this website I keep asking I don’t want my profile to appear on this site anyloner unsubscribe me and please no more emails from your company datehookup.please remove all.of my profile.thank you

  8. I am also having problems with my pass word and with trying to change it. I was emailed a link but it does not work. Please help me with this problem ASAP

  9. why is dh letting this become klan head quarters i have been called crap 2-3 times a week they allow threads like crap loving skanks , and bbw are being bulled daily nothing hateful threads that have nothing to do with dating .

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