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Davids Bridal is the largest and most successful bridal retailer in the country. David’s Bridal is credited with revolutionizing the bridal retail store industry.

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  1. Hello. I have ordered my dress it’s still not here yet. The store can’t help me get it faster. Can u give me a customer service number. The one on the page only locates store.

  2. I live in Twin Falls, Idaho. The closest David’s Bridal is 2 hours away in Idaho Falls. The bride who’s wedding we were suppose to be in chose your company for our bridesmaids dresses so we did not have a choice. I was contacted by an employee- she told me I had to purchase the dress right then to receive it by the wedding date so I did. OVER THE PHONE!!!!! A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted again and told the dress was in and I had 14 days to pick it up. I am no longer in the wedding and do not need the dress so I contacted the company and was told that I cannot get my money back, only store credit and I have to do it in person. I live 2 hours away and that is not possible……I did not have to be there in person to purchase the dress, why do I have to be there in person to get a refund. I would like my money back. The dress has not left the store, I haven’t even seen it. We need to come up with the easiest solution possible and I expect your help. Thank You

  3. To whom it may concern

    I have a complaint at the David’s bridal in East Brunswick N J

    My daughter purchased her wedding dress and I purchases a mother of the bride dress.

    We returned on Wed. August 7 to get her final fitting and bring the dress home . Everything went well, until we had a question about flower girl shoes, we went to the cashier desk and waited and waited and waited for someone to help us, there were 2 young ladies that were at the front door desk , talking and talking and talking, they saw we were there at the cashier desk and never came over to see if we needed help. There was no one coming into the store to greet., so they were not busy. They purposely ignored us. We finally had to go up where they were. I feel they were rude to us. Maybe this is the way the store conducts there business. So sad that so many young adults are so rude.

    We are glad that we do not have to go back and shop at this store anytime soon.

    Thank you for your time

    Just a little advise, maybe there should be workshops for people you hire to attend on how to serve customers with a smile and a little kindness.

    It really goes a long way and it costs nothing.

  4. contacted number when waiting to talk to operator I sat there pressig the 0 numeric number for over 10 minutes than was hung up on. I think this organizations customer service relations speaks for itself and sugesst any indvidual wanting to not only find something he wants his wife to be to have for a wedding day to look at a different store. I can also say when I have any daughters I will not be shoping with this company. Lack of respect produces lack of interest. Let this company rot with those who think they are above the consumer.

  5. I have been trying to contact David’s bridal but there are literally no number wher you can talk to anyone concerning customer service. As big as their corporation is they should provide numerous contact information.

  6. I am unble to contact nyone from customer service. I need a RMA so I can return shoes I ordered online. This has been a frustrating experience. Can someone pls call me ASAP!

  7. I called the corporate headquarters and was told by a recording no one is available, leave your name and phone and someone will call you back in 24 hours. I never seen something like this. This is no way a run a business. I would never again deal with this store. especially not able to speak to someone right away

  8. Worst experiecnce of my life. They can not give you the time of day even when you have an appointment. They are also on order number 3 for my wedding dress the first one came in a size too small next one has STAINS on it. REALLY?!?!?!?. Thankfully I have time before the wedding. If I hadn’t already paid for this dress I would go somewhere else. to top it all off all they have to say for themselves is I am sorry. SERIOUSLY?!?!?

  9. I was the mother of groom went to David’s bridal in Peoria . No one helpede as I came in lucky my husband was with me . He help me look and no one helped when I tried on dress. I bought my dress there I shouldn’t have but I was tired of looking . But I tell everyone do not go there . Very rude and no customer service what so ever.

  10. I ORDERED MY DAUGHTERS WEDDING GOWN IT 2DAYS AGO OPENED BOX THERE WAS STICKER ON THE BOTTOM OF THE DRESS SAID DIRTY. ALL A ROUND BOTTOM DRESS WAS DIRTY. WHEN ORDER A NEW WEDDING GOWN SHOULD NOT BE SENT LIKE THIS. IT WAS A NEW ARRIVAl. the wedding is in 7 weeks. today is my 42 birthday and i spend it trying to get a hold of someone to fix this problem.the dress arrived ups 4-20-2012. its 21/2 hrs to a cleaners and have to drive 1hr to ups. iwant a new dress sent. who ever sent a dress like that should be fired.

  11. I totally agree! Getting difficulty for an RMA also. I’ll try the listed phone number tomorrow. Forget the toll free number! Thanks Mich.

  12. What a joke! Not only were they pushy they also added every item to my bag that I tried on although I did not plan to purchase anything besides my dress! Everything is non refumdable!!!

    Alteration lady was not easily understood and would not alter my dress enough to fit me correctly! Never gave me any option of things to do to my dress and charged me and arm and a leg. Most of the staff was not friendly! The experience was horrible I will not recommend to anybody getting married!

  13. The worst experience ever had they charge for everything and terrible service again. I asked for a refund for my dress since I ain’t going to be part of the weeding and they said no I can only exchange what the hell do I need from there when I ain’t planning to get married.

  14. Is this company still in business? I ordered a dress online and the over $100 dollars was charged to my credit card. There is no communication between online and stores. There is no way to contact customer service. The web site listed on the dress receipt is invalid. When searching for David’s Bridal the customer service page is nothing more than a store locator. I finally got a phone number for corporate headquarters and was connected with a voice mail loop. I called within the business hours they stated, yet not one department, including the operator answered. I have left several voice mails in the mailbox they direct the customer and have not received one call back in over a week. I have a dress to return and no way to do it. This is poor business and bordering on fraud. I want to be contacted or have a good email/phone number to solve my problem.

  15. This is NOT a customer service number. It appears you cannot call any C/S number. How can such a large company have NO ONE to answer questions. So horrible!

  16. Online services are HORRIBLE. Cannot figure out a way to place my order. After I click “order review” it shows nothing to officially place the order and I do not want to enter my card number in again, because I do not want charged twice on this crappy website.

  17. David Bridal has given such conflicting information from one store to another. My bridal party lives in different cities and I believed that David Bridal would be the best choice for my party, Boy was I wrong!! I asked all the RIGHT questions when choosing my bridesmaids dresses, but upon ordering, all policy had change (imagine that). I called customer service, I was on hold for 20-25 minutes while the rep went to speak with a manger, well that what he claimed he was doing, but I believe he thought I would just hang up. He return and I ask to speak to the same manger he put me on hold for and now the rep tells me theirs no manger available… REALLY !!! so why,who,and where did you go while I was on hold!! The rep became defensive. David Bridal customer services in a joke from the store to the phone center.

  18. Congratulations on another DISSATISFIED costumer! If I had read these reviews before ordering, I would have saved myself some heartache! I have been trying to contact someone for over a week!! The website is not letting me print off an RMA to return the dress. The dress, by the way has snags on the front of it!! Hello, I did not pay over $200.00 to buy a dress with flaws in it!! And where is the number for costumer service?? Be real folks, how can you hope to stay in business this way? ….except ignorant people like me who order and than look at the terrible reviews. I will have plenty of advice for my friends….Like…..don’t ever buy from them!!!

  19. I also had hard time getting through to a live person for an RMA. return code: then I found this. good luck.

    David’s Bridal

    1001 Washington St

    Conshohocken, PA 19428

    Contact David’s Bridal

    Phone Number: (610) 943-5000

    Fax Number: (610) 943-5048

    Website: http://www.davidsbridal.com

    Email: Email David’s Bridal

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