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DC Shoes makes shoes for extreme sports enthusiasts and lifestyles. DC Shoes was co-founded by Ken Block of USA Rally fame and Damon Way.

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  1. Hi my name is Calvin Simpson i live in cape town south africa. I bought a pair of DC’s 10 xc i’ve had them for 8 months and the soles have worn right through. Not what i was expecting, after owning a pair of dc’s 5 years ago and lasted a good time. But i suppose you guys are all about the quantity not quality. I was lucky i got them on sale. I can see why they were so cheap. But i guess its back to. I wont say. But thanks for ripping me off. Kind regards. Calvin Simpson.

  2. hello my name is samantha hickman im a fan of you products iv’e been practicing skateboreding but im not very good but i can do a varaity of tricks.I love your products.

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