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12 Replies to “DDO Dungeons and Dragons D&D Online”

  1. Idk if anyone ever reads these things but can someone unbann me it was a misunderstanding and it is quite anoying to have put so much time and money into the game but im just bored and i love to play so i you can plz unban my acout.


  2. Is there anyway you could let us know when the site will be back up? There is no information anywhere as to what the problem is or when it will be fixed. The launcher seems to be broken and it states that the “Object reference [is] not set to an instance of an object.”

    Please inform me as to what is going on.

  3. I am not able to log on or go to any of the sites on the opening menu. It all says error of some kind and has for hours now. Just trying find out if its me or them but I can’t seem to find the right department to tell me whats going on.

  4. The site has completely gone down meaning that the game is unplayable as the launcher doesn’t work and I can’t find any way of getting information on the situation as the site and therefore all forums are down

  5. The Game just did a recent update and now everything is in Spanish(I don’t speak Spanish)

    I have gone a far as uninstalling and then re-installing making sure I choose the correct language English for me. It did not fix the problem (Help)

    Thanks Joe

  6. Hello, I have a complaint. Don’t know if it’s a programmer joke, don’t care. But it cost ME a paying customer.

    I have a character, dwarf wizard, whose name was Cullom Thunderhand. Every time I played, everyone else saw it as a a series of symbols like these: $%^&^%. Don’t remember exactly which symbols but you get the point. Since I play with my kids, I purchased points and changed the name. Then I looked up Cullom and discovered (as my assumption was originally) that it is a surname, has a coat of arms, and is also the name of several towns and cities throughout the English speaking world.

    Why does this name register as a curse word? I feel your company harbors a jokester who for some reason decided this name was a bad word. But it is in fact a real name used by people today on a frequent occasion.

    I request the return of my points that I paid for at Target that were used to change this characters first name so he can play with my kids online. Oh, and grow up.

  7. Hello,

    I Have recently installed D&D Online on my computer.It works perfectly until last week.I very loved the game and i will be very pleased if you can help me.The problem is when i launch the window d&d online at the start where it is writen installation of the necessery software, nothing happen. it seems that he can not download what he needs.Can you help me please.

    A D&D lover,

    Eric Roussel

  8. This Number is incorrect, i dialed it and was answered by some poor girl named lindsay who was incredibly irritated by the repeated calls she recieves.

  9. I want a close ranged combat specific class that can open locks, disable devices, heal himself, have a better favored enemy enhancement set than the ranger, become immune to any form of ranged attacks (Whether magic or projectile), use magic device, be a total brute with a sword, and make temporary stat enhancements (20 Seconds would do). I’d accept the sacrifice of a bit of AC (-3 absolute max,but can train the AC up to plus two rather than minus 3) I’d accept only being able to heal myself, I’d accept an inability to cast magic in battle (other than to heal self), and I’d definitely be able to accept that I can’t use ranged weapons.

    Please have such a class created, it would mean a lot to me and so far apparently everyone in my guild as well (The idea is liked)

  10. I paid for my account upgrades a while back and now I have to buy them again? WTF?!!!

    I’ve payed over $100 throughout my membership time to get the account I wanted, why did you undo my upgrades?

    I paid for the shared bank, I paid for the Half Elf Class, I paid for the Veteran Status…….

    WHY DO I HAVE TO BUY a supposedly permanent upgrade a second time?

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