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  1. Good Morning Carmen,

    Your refund is being processed at your request. I received your angry and insulting follow up email this morning, so I attempted to call you to speak with you about your issue. The phone number provided with your order goes to a business that does not have your name listed with it.

    Please provide a working telephone number and I’ll gladly connect you with the top manager of the online gift card program. I’m sure he’ll want to speak with you.

    Thank you for the continued dialog.

    Well how about that, he was missing my extension number, which I emailed him back and gave it to him. I am waiting for the manager to call, apparently he is very anxious to talk to me.. I think I should be scared.

    Del taco, I actually like your food, but your customer service people need an attitude adjustment and they need to learn how to deal with the public. They have no clue how to satisfy a customer, or better yet, how to resolve issues.

  2. Very unhappy with my last visit to the federal way, WA del taco. I literally spend thousands on del taco and have been waiting for shredded beef. Although its advertised throughout this location they won’t have it for a week. I drove 45 min for it and it’s not here. The employees were rude about it too, not understanding I only came down here for one thing…. Shredded beef!

  3. I was not a Del Taco fan and first visited a Del Taco store in April, 2012, when I went to pick up my wife from work in Cerritos, CA. At this Del Taco store on Alondra Boulevard (by the 605 Freeway) in Bellflower,California, I noticed a “WiFi available . . . Surf while you dine” or some such sign, so I brought my PC in, hooked it up with prior approval and the help of a member of the store staff. For the first time, I tried the fish tacos which I enjoyed. Since then my wife and I have been regularly going to Del Taco, especially, the aforementioned store, for the crispy fish tacos. On another occasion, as I returned to the area to pick up my wife from work, I stopped by the same Alondra store for some fish tacos and, while waiting for my wife, I again brought in my computer.

    Earlier today, October 17, I made a stop at Del Taco Alondra and, since I would have to wait another hour for my wife to get off work, I decided to take my PC in and used it. The male store worker (who was the same person who welcomed me a few months ago to use my PC)approached me as I was eating and told me, “You are not allowed to connect (my PC) to this (pointing at the electric outlet).” I replied, “Oh, you allowed me last time.” He responded, ” . . . not anymore” or some words to that effect.

    I was somewhat embarrassed and at the same time disappointed and upset — which I’ve never experienced in the many coffee shops and other eateries where WiFi is available and PC users like me are welcome with open arms.

  4. I went to the Del Taco in Blythe, CA. Their speaker for the drive through never works very well, they apparently are too cheap to fix it. I went inside to place the order. There was one customer standing at the counter that had already been helped. There was an employee at the car window who looked at me and two other employees behind the counter, one of which did see me. None of them even greeted me or acknowleged me. I finally yelled Hello! They looked at me an said nothing. At that point, I left the store and went to Taco Bell. This was not the first time I have gone into this Taco Bell and have been ignored by the employees. You can’t sell the food if you upset the customers so that they leave the premises.

  5. I went to Del Taco in Snellville, Georgia on 9-5-2012 and ordered a Macho Nacho with No Beans…since I am allergic to Beans. This was at drive thru window. When I got back to work I discovered that there were mainly refried beans in the Nachos. I called Del Taco and a Marie or Mary ..manager. I told her about the issue and said I wanted a refund and she told me that she would take down my name and that I could stop by any day…not required to come on that day….and they would take care of me. I went back the next day, 9-6-2012, and asked for my refund and she told me that they could not give me a refund because I did not come back the same day. She would only give me another order of nachos! Extremely poor customer service!

  6. Del taco has a system designed to not deal with the public for comments on their locations. No matter when you call you get a recording. The number on the receipt for the location I went to, has a fax machine on it all day so you can’t even call the location.

  7. I went to a Dell Taco Store# 1105 after coming home from a family event.. I waited in a drive thru that I could not exit or leave ( basically trapped and forced to wait 45 minutes).. I finally get to the window to pay and I get my food. I get home and feed my kids only to find out that some of the food that I purchased and PAID for was NOT given to me. I called to complain and I get transferred to the manager who was rude from the beginning. Instead of trying to rectify their mistake I get an incompetent Manager by the name of Nancy who tries to tell me that she is going to compensate me by giving me the items that I ALREDY PAID FOR… Really I told her she needed to do better than that after they made a mistake and have caused me this frustration and have wasted my time. She was very rude and when I told her I was going to record our conversation because I didn’t appreciate the manner in which she was talking me with she hung up on me. I hope and expect that this person is reprimanded and retrained after I am done with my complaint she has very poor managerial skills and if this is how she treats the customers she has no business working with the public and lacks the leadership skills that are needed. The Dell Taco that I went to is in Los Angeles on Sunset/Fountain Store#(323) 906-1215

  8. I order a number 9

    and was really bad it was cold and fryies were a small when i ordered a medium only the taco was ok for 8.20 cents it was really a let down i hope del taco can fix this

  9. First of all “unfreshing” is a disgusting terminology to use in a commercial

    Second thing is ( and this is honest to God truth ) in San pedro Ca. on western ave. you have a restaurant and the

    ” stench” of an un-emptied trash can is always there and it’s enough to turn people away

  10. I was at deltaco in Denver,Colorado put up the eclub 3 time so I put my name in 3 time and the girl would. Take my phone and say its not it

    make her. Do again .i did not get my birthday lunch. .i have called and text 2 to 3 times.please call or text so I known someone has read this

    Thank you Amy Walters.

  11. I visited the Del Taco at Thanksgiving Point, Utah. I ordered a double taco and burrito, I was given two small tacos instead. Please replace my order. It’s a matter of a well trained staff that pays close attention to orders.

    Thank you.

  12. 898 S BOULDER Highway, Henderson at 7:40p· (702) 565-9990: Come on guys…slow it down and get it right. Drive thru for shrimp burrito, choc shake and fries…$9.10 WASTED! I would much rather the drive thru experience to take a little longer than to end up with fries that were limp and cold ( as in refrigerated cold- obviously FAR too little fry time). The fries retained so much grease it leaked through the bag and spotted the car seat (where I placed the food order- lesson learned there!) in my 6 min drive home. The breading on the shrimp had come OFF the shrimp and “crunchy” was no where to be found. The push for speed is appreciated, and usually efficiency is a plus. BUT…not if the crew is pushing food out the window that IS NOT prepared properly or up to past DT standards. Usually the question is “how old are the fries” (how long have they been under the warmer light) NOW, I ask how are they cooked LONG ENOUGH. Certainly NOW, the 3rd disappointing experience which no longer warrants my “Del Taco Fry Fix” of days of old.

  13. Today I went to Del Taco at Shaw and Brawley in Fresno, California. I was there about 2:15 p.m. and they were not busy. I order an Asada Chicken Bowl with a Large Ice Tea. When I got to work I took the lid off the ice tea to put sugar and it look awful. It had a dark brown color on top like it was old tea. Now I know why the employees kept shaking the cup and handed it to me. Oh and to top it off, they were even nice enough to clean the top of the lid so I wouldn’t notice. The compliment I gave the employee for wiping the lid hopefully made him feel guilty for handing me that awful tea.. I called the phone number on the receipt (which said Store) and it was a fax number. Really!! I wish you luck on your trip to Del Taco.

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