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  1. i want 2 know about my online register purchase bill ……..because i lost my bill .so please tell me how will get my bill on online i have service tag no and ….. i have warriery ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. I have been getting the runaround with Dell Customer Service in India, too. Purchased a brand new inspiron n5110 in December, and Feb 19 it quit working. Diagnosis “gotta replace the motherboard”.

    I work internationally, so Dell (India) just shifts blame and apologizes, “We can’t fix it if it’s not in the country where it was purchased.” But I don’t go back ’til September! They did give me the option to transfer my tags to the country where I’m located, but that takes a minimum of 3 weeks. And the repairmen here tell me they won’t honor the warranty unless I purchased it in their store anyway.

    I suppose, I could purchase a $1000+ ticket to fly back so that Dell can repair my $600 computer for “free”. Reading some of the above reports, after the motherboard goes, it looks like there are a lot of other problems that arise…this is definitely not worth the $ I invested in it. Should’ve gone with the Lenovo.

    I hope that someone in DELL USA reads this and responds with some possible way (e.g. they pay the repairmen for the repairs? what a concept!) to fix the computer that isn’t going to cost me more than it’s worth!

  3. To whom it may concern

    I purchased a computer last year in September. Start of December it started having problems.I have been having problems with my computer for two months and I am without a computer all this time. At first the mother bord crashed. It was sent to Athens and changed. When I received it back I started having all the problems. My computer keeps freezing and it crashed once again too. I spoke to the Dell representative in Athens and she told me if it crashes more then twice then they will change it. I have sent it to Athens to be fixed three times. The last time they sent a technichian to Crete. I do not want this computer back as they told me it has a manufacturing problem if it shows the same problem. I am not accepting it back. I t has gone through all the tests ( formatting, hard druive, programs etc and they keep on sending it back with the same problem) I have heard the best things about Dell that is why I bought it, but my experience with this new computer has been a nightmare. I am dissapointed with Dell and very exhausted of running around. My computer is still under guaranty/waranty.It is not proper/ right for a computer I have hardly had for two months to have so many problems and I have to keep on sending it to be fixed.I new computer should have so many problems so soon. This computer will always give me problems as it is problematic as the test cannot detect the problem as they keep sending it to me with a problem. I am asking/pleading for my computer to be replaced. I do not accept to take it back or to go back to a technician to fix it as this is what i have been doing the last two months. This experience has been tiring and very stressing and time consuming. I am very dissapointed.

  4. To,

    The Manager, Customer care


    (Subject: Complain for Laptop Model no. Inspiron N5110. Service code and service tag are & respectively. Laptop is within Guarantee Period)

    Dear Sir,

    I had purchase Dell Laptop from” Sedna IP Solution, Biswa teja Apartment, 9-2 Arundel peth Guntur (A.P) India” on dated 06/10/2011 at Rs 47300/-. Laptop model no. is Inspiron N5110. Service code and service tag are & hxltvq1 respectively. This Laptop is within Guarantee period.

    I am facing following Problems in Laptop:

    1. It is getting too hot within 10 minutes times. This is too risky to use may be burst.

    2. Battery backup is poor. Battery capacity is less than 40 minutes after full recharge.

    3. Internal Hardware sounds are coming. May be there is some hardware problem.

    4. Some keys i.e. “6” on keyboard are not working properly. Required to push hard.

    5. Processing speed is very slow even it is virus free and not having more data in my hard disk.

    Due to above Laptop problems, I am getting lots of problem in my studies as well as project works. This is directly affecting to my studies and growing future.

    Request you to kindly replace laptop as soon as possible. In case of no resolution within day’s time, I will go to the consumer court for Laptop replacement and also the justification against the harassment during my study.

    Please feel free to contact on my mobile number.

    Thanking you

  5. I have tried to reset my password online, but the emails never go through. SO when I call Dell Financial Customer Service, I get agents in India that I cannot understand. They transfer me to the fraud department, who tell me that I have to talk to customer service. It’s a three ring circus and I will never use Dell Financial Services again!

  6. Dell made a double withdrawl out of my account without my permission. I called on Jan 20/2012 and explained the situation to them. They could not understand the problem and after arguing with them for about half an hour they finally transferred me to a supervisor who was just as bad and understanding English as the rest of the people i talked to. I spoke to a few people that were Canadian and they could not understand. They have been calling me dailly since then and keep asking the same dumb questions and i have been told that a supervisor would call me back and i am still waiting. Customer service has to rank as one of the worst of any company that i have ever dealt with. It is just annoying to know that a company has hired so many stupid and ignorant employees that have no clue in the world of how to use commonsense.


  7. I have tried calling several times and to no avail. I don’t have my acct number but I just received a letter that was mailed from the states to me and its dated OCt 26, I am cyrrently deployed and thought that this acct was being taking care of by my significant other. I need to know what I need to do to get out of collections. I suppose to have a 6percent rate by being deployed. I have all the paperwork here with me in Kuwait. Please send me some information so I can get this taking care of.

  8. I have purchased 3 Dell computers, 2 desktops earlier this year in April and May. I had problems with both but one in particular was messed up bad. Dell jacked me around so bad that I went to Microsoft and asked them to help me with Windows 7 re-install and Office 2010 re-install, which I had purchaed from Dell. Microsoft told me I had the wrong codes and I would have to go back to Dell. Went back, same crap as before. NO SUPPORT what so ever. I had to change out my Hard drive and re-purchase all the software because of the cheap ass Dell wouldn’t provide me with any anwers nor support. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy a Dell computer unless you want to get ripped!!! I bad mouth them to everyone I can and at every opportunity I can. By the way, all the reps are in India, not the USA so be prepared for that also.

  9. please service fast may dell laptop is not chargeble in not charging & not start from dell laptop. please service in fast win7-MFWMV -3HHFV-VJDVB-3DBFM-G9G64

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