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Dell Support is for Dell PCs, Laptops, notebooks, mp3 players, software, warranty issues and online services.

Premium Support Members: 1-866-930-3355
Warranty Extension: 1-866-777-1542 options 4,2,2
Automated Order Status: 1-800-433-9014
Dell Rebates: 1-800-969-5814
Order Support Live Person: 1-800-624-9897
Servicio al Cliente en Espa?ol: 1-866-751-6079
TTY: 1-877-335-5889

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  2. I joined the Dell InkSave. It took a month for me to get the cartriges. In September I sent in my empty black cartridge, in the envelope supplyed for the service which had a tracking strip. This was as I said in Sept. this is the end of November and I have called in to see when I will be receiving the cartridge, my time is valuable can you explain why this is taking so long. It didn’t take you long to charge me for this service.

  3. At 1am I was told to leave the chat open and somebody should be back to me in an hour. They were to call my cell. Nobody had called by 2am. I went to sleep. It’s now almost 7am and nobody called and the chat was closed. It’s been 9 hours since I opened the first chat, 7 hours since the first call (it was to be 20 mins) and 6 hours since the 2nd call. Will somebody let me know why I should continue this “SERVICE” and why I should ever purchase a DELL AGAIN?!?!?!?!?! Yes, I am angry.

  4. I had purchased a laptop Inspiron 5110 from Afghanistan in June 2012 which has not been working for last 2 week. I tried to get it repaired from Dell service Center at Delhi,India but I was denied free service by service center as the same was not found to be registered in their record. As suggested I requested for ownership tag transfer from Afghanistan to India but could not get till date due to some complication as replied by Dell International tag transfer authority and I was further suggested to contact customer care of country of purchase. When contacted dealer of the that country he replied that it is time taking process and suggested me to get it repaired from a local Engineer if not a serious problem. It is requested to kindly look into the matter and issue may be resolved at the earliest.

  5. I have purchased several computers from Dell,and have had pretty good luck with most of them.My present computer was acting up and I called Dell service,the tech told me to shut the computer down because it was fixing to crash,after I explained the problem to him.After checking to find that my computer was out of warrenty,I was told I had to pay 199.00 for a one time fix or 258.72 for a year worth of fixes up to 4 times.After paying the tech installed a Super anti virus,free version,then installed a Trojan remover,then installed a Malware anti malware and as this was happening he disconnected our phone line and nevar called back. after one and one half hour the downloads helped my problem,but my computer is slower than it has ever been.Three days later Different people have called wanting to check my computer,I have no way of knowing if they are with dell or not and I refused their help.I think this will be my last Dell computer.

  6. I bought my son a inspiron lap top it came with office 2010 the only parts missing were outlook and powerpoint which I knew about.I made a backup file but we moved and I can’t find it.the word part of office stoped working in fact all of office stoped working.Dell gave me the run around talking to different depts.All I wanted a replacement copy and they said because I didn’t have a back up I would have to buy the full version.Thats not how you take care of your customers.I have 9 insurance agencies and we have dell computers. I told my partner I want all the the dells replaced its going to cost me but for me its worth it.I just bought 9 new laptops to give out to the top sales people in the offices and I’m going to take them back and exchange them for another brand.I’m going to print out other peoples comlaints about dell and hang them in my offices so people can read them while the wait to get service,I will tell everyone I know not to buy dell products.I have hundreds of people go through my offices.Dell you need to do a better job with customer service and not just think about the money.

  7. Customer service is a customer no service and technical support team is from overseas and the support is the worst I ever had with any company since I knew what computer was they kept my computer for almost a month and then they called me and asked me that where my computer was ,after I gave them the tracking number they sent the computer to me without touching it I still have a messed up computer and even worse than when I sent it in

    For repair ,dell is going down I never ever buy another dell computer .good bye dell

  8. Dear concern,

    My name is deepak kumar choubey and i am using DELL inspiron laptop, i bought the laptop from Dubai as on 03.04.2013 as per international warranty still i do have around 20 days left. in India dell customer service representative is saying my system is been not transferred from Dubai to India till now, i want to extend my warranty but they are not able to do that. my Express service code no is 38527473601.

    Kindly do the needful ASAP so i can extend my warranty and have better service

  9. My desktop came with Windows Office 2010. I have been using this program for 3 years; now when I try to open my dostuffents it asks for a product key! Some towelhead in India tells me my computer came with Office 2010 60 day trial!! It doesn’t matter what you buy no one wants to help after the sale.

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