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  1. We have a Delta faucet 999-DST. About a month ago the flow from the faucet has slowed dramatically. It takes forever to fill the sink. We have soaked the sprayer assembly in vinegar and again in CLR. And used a tooth brush on the aerator. None of this has worked. Any more suggestions?

  2. I have an anabella kitchen. The soap dispenser is not pumping. I am looking to get it replaced. Where do I get the part?

    Anabelle classic jtchen faucet item#297431 model#CA8700csl

  3. I have called Delta twice and could not have ask for better

    service both times they sent me the parts I needed to repair

    my delta Faucet. I was treated with respect they shipped the

    correct parts and I received them within 10 days or less.

    I can only speak for myself so I give 100% for being

    so helpful and nice.

  4. I purchased an Aqua Glass shower from the local lumber shed on 2/22/13. On 9/16/13, a bar of soap slid off and made a hole about size of a quarter in the bottom of the shower. I called Warranty Service who quickly gave me a work order number and said someone would be in touch to repair. I called back on 9/18/13 and was given the Refinishing company – called them, the first appointment will be 10/8/13 to get to my home for repairs ( seriously, I can’t use my shower for over 3 weeks!!) When called back to Warranty Service, Becky told me there was no one else to call for service because all others were 200+ miles away and that I could put some duct tape on it………… I understand duct tape is a good product but really do not want to take a chance on ruining my floors in this new house if it should leak.

    (according to website, Aqua was integrated with Delta Faucet). VERY POOR SERVICE INDEED!!!

  5. I called twice about our touch faucet in one day. Both advisors were extremely patient with us. The first woman was unable to help me because I couldn’t get the faucet apart and needed to wait for my husband to get home. Not her fault. The second advisor, Cary, was very helpful, solved the problem, and stayed on the phone with us for at least 20 minutes. He then confirmed our information and sent us the part for free. We needed a new cellinoid. After washing dishes in the laundry room for three days I was very grateful. Without Cary talking us through the process, I’d still be washing dishes in the laundry room and waiting three more days for the plumber! Can’t wait to cancel that house call! We will buy another faucet from Delta and thank you!

  6. I spoke with Courtney today. My faucet was not working and I was unable to find the battery box. Courtney was knowlegeble, patient and appeared to enjoyed her work. She directed me to the location of the battery box, told me what kind of batteries to use and instructed me on the correct procedure for insertion of the batteries My call took less than 5 minutes. Yhank you.

  7. I was informed by a plumber that no Delta faucets use washers. Is this correct? I have a leak in one of my Delta faucets and was thinking that replacing the washer would ‘cure’ the drip, but he told me otherwise and that the entire unit would need to be either rebuilt or replaced.

  8. The best service I’ve had in 50 years.

    In twelve years I have twice had leaks and once chrome popping off. I called the company in both cases with the intent of buying the parts, in neither case would they allow me too.

    They gave them to me free, in an efficient and prompt manner and they even paid the shipping. I will never buy anything but a delta.

  9. I have no way to know if folks have really had a hard time with Delta. My story is just the opposite – in the extreme. To make a way too long story short, we bought a Delta Select faucet set over 15 years ago but – for complicated reasons – it was never installed and remained quietly in its original box for all these years. A friend and I went to put in this week but it leaks because a crucial gasket fauiled – no doubt due to age. I called Delta Customer Service to see what could be done. Because that gasket is no longer available they are replacing THE ENTIRE FAUCET SET for free, including shipping.

    When we bought our house in 1993 there was a leaking faucet which was from Delta, and the stem assembly was similarly replaced for free. That is why we went with Delta when we were putting in new fixtures. Boy am I ever glad we did. They are a great company and stand behind their product forever – or at least for 15/16 years!

  10. We remodeled our bathroom and put in new plumbing. We wanted fixtures that would stand up and not show water spots. The plumber recommended Delta as ‘top of the line’ and the satin nickel; his experience was that it did not show water spots. We purchased them and after installation and during the clean up process using water and a soft rag, the plumber and we both noticed that the shower plate was water spotting. We tried using soap and water and rubbing immediately after wetting and it did remove MOST of the spots, but not all. I called Delta and spoke with several people regarding this problem. The first, Kelly said that it was a ‘random’ problem; I said, do you mean that if I’d chosen the same faucets but a different box, I would not have had this problem. “Maybe”. I asked to speak to her supervisor. Wayne said that water spots are just part of what is to be ‘expected’. I replied that our other bathroom with less expensive fixtures do not do that. He could/would not explain this phenomena. He said, just wipe it down with 50:50 vinegar/water. I said that my tub and surround days not to use that. Wayne said, just to be careful not to let the solution get on the tub or surround. Very impracticable. I have a call into his supervisor but don’t expect to receive a return call. My dealings with the CS Dept. have been very displeasing. Lesson I learned. Do not think that the finish on the more expensive fixtures is worth the money. The finish on our less expensive bathroom fixtures have been fine for a long time and do not cause problems and we don’t have to wipe them down. Delta has not met my expectations. I would not purchase anything else from them.

  11. Kitchen Faucet has two pin hole leaks on the top of the faucet. The Faucet was installed when I bought my RV Motorhome from a RV dealer. The trouble is, it is in warranty, but no receipt. I was advised over the phone to send the front page of my parts list and photo of the faucet installed. Given a case number. This is there responce: I apologize about the issue you are having with your Delta faucet. I have received the picture and parts breakdown. Unfortunately, the document is not a valid form of proof of purchase. In order to complete the warranty claim, please send in valid proof of purchase. Proof of purchase may be a receipt/invoice, construction invoice, copy of original Maintenance and Installation Sheet (include date) and picture of faucet installed, or a document from your new construction home and a picture of your faucet installed. The document from your new construction home must include your name, the seller’s name and the date you took possession of your home.

    Well, it looks like customer service communications between them is null. I told them it was a Motorhome. Never again with Delta.

  12. I purchased what I thought was a quality product, Delta 17/440SS Bath and Shower Trim set for a remodle job in my home. I had the kit installed my a qualified plumber.

    The issue is the tub spout has come apart twice, first time the plumber replaced for free now 1 year later same issue. the spount is secured with two small self tapping screws, these scres hold the ‘plastic’ spount on to what I will call the filler tube. Issue the pressure of the water causes the screws to pull out and break the plastic spout lose and the spout flys across the tub. VERY POOR DESIGN.

    Although customer service is helping it is a real pain, how long will it last this time? weeks, months? will I find a replacement 1, 2 5 years from now? this is a real concern to spend 10K for a bath room remodel and 2K on Delta products for the bath room this is broken now ( can not use the shower, who takes a bath now adays.. What a pain.

  13. I purchased a delta faucet (Model 4453DST) @ Lowes home improvement store and the aerator wrench (Model#RP52217) was missing within the package. I would certainly appreciate it if you could send me one.

    At Lowes they told me, all I had to do was call or contact Delta Faucet and you would send me one. I hope this is the case.

    Thanks in advance,


  14. We also have had problems with two sets of kitchen faucets. Both had spouts which corroded although the faucets themselves were fine. The first time we replaced the set and assumed it was an unfortunate one off defect. When the second set showed exactly the same problem we contacted Delta who told us to provide a receipt. We eventually found the receipt, had emailed pictures and after multiple emails have been told that we have to replace the set, at our expense and send back the offending parts, again at our expense and they MAY decide to refund the cost of the faucets since we would not accept a chit to replace them with another Delta product. Our set is no longer being manufactured. I wonder why! This is simply not acceptable. We were also told that ‘lots’ of people try to get Delta to replace items and are only trying to rip them off. My husband is an architect and we both have better ways to spend our time than trying to get a free set of faucets. I suspect that there are many complaints to Delta and it seems the customer ‘service’ is designed to make people give up and go away. Even if we could find another set we liked, and we have not, we would never buy this product again due to the ridiculous rigamarole required to get satisfaction. There is no guarantee a third set will be any better. We have no such problem with any other faucets in the house so it is not cleaning products or something in the water which was also suggested by the customer service representative. I am appalled that customer service starts with the premise that the custoimer is not only always wrong but also dishonest. I am trying to contact the President of this company to see if this is truly their ethos. I suspect it is. No wonder American products have such a bad reputation.

  15. I bought a 2 in one shower head in 2010. It has a lifetime warranty on it. After 2 years of use, it starts to leak water. I called Delta Faucet support department to ask them to honor their lifetime warranty. They asked if I still have the original barcode. I don’t have the original barcode but I offered to take a picture of the installed unit and emailed it in. They said no. Thanks Delta Faucet. You just lost a customer for life.

  16. Thanks To Delta I was very pleased with the reponse in my promblem when my delta kitchen faucet sprayer started to leak at the hose connection. I made a simple call to customer service knowing there product warranty is great. And will tell others about how nice that your company rep. handled the situation by sending a new replacement sprayer assembly. And I will continue to by your products in the future.


  17. We remodeled our kitchen March 2011. We have an on demand hot water tank. We installed a delta pull down faucet in the kitchen. I cannot get enough pressure through my faucet to make the hot water tank come on. Pressure is also very poor. I love the look and features of this faucet. But have been told by your company and several plumbers that this is something that cannot be corrected. Now I am stuck with a delta faucet that will never provide me with hot water in my kitchen, the most important place. I feel that your company needs to put important information such as this on your products. Especially when someone as myself has spent a great sum of money for this type of kitchen faucet.

  18. Purchased two Delta Brevard touchless toilets. Have had to replace the electronic units 4 times, partly because the battery compartment is not waterproof and water corrodes the batteries and the touch flush either stops operating or gives random light signals. Toilet has to be flushed and refilled manually until a new electronics unit is received in the mail, Customer service said they would send me a manual flush and and equipment replacement. The tank and manual flush is from the Prelude model, therefore there is no leak or overflow detection. So I paid top dollar for a touchless flush unit with electronic detection and it is replaced by a cheaper (bottom of the line) unit with no offer of compensation for the problems caused by poor design and engineering. I understand that the Brevard is no longer offered- I hope that is accurate (thank goodness!). (I also had purchased a touch faucet) Will I ever purchase any Delta product again — no! I don’t need any more frustration with inferior products.

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