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  1. I purchased a Delta 46-460 type 2 mini lathe in 2011 and was satisfied with it until the lead screw assembly in the tail stock froze up.

    I called the Delta machinery folks (1800-223-7278) to order a new screw assembly and was told the part was no longer in stock and they

    Were not making any more . I checked other resources on the web and found none and all were out of stock.

    Any suggestions from the Delta folks how or where I can get this item?

  2. I have a Delta Unisaw purchased in 1997. It is a model 36-820L. It has provided very satisfactory service. My shop is a home hobby shop, so tools are typically not used for a long duration. Recently, I have been constructing a structure adjoining our home and have been ripping up large quantities of wood. The Unisaw simply shuts down after 5-10 minutes of operation. The circuit breakers in the distribution panel are not tripped. The motor feels warm to the touch, but is definitely not hot. I need you help in identifying the cause of the problem so that I can get it fixed.


  3. I am the maintenance manager for Luvata, in Grenada, MS. I purchased a Delta table saw last year and a dust collector. I was sent a 5 ft hose to connect the saw to the dust collector. I recently asked Applied to order a longer hose and was told it would be 8 weeks.

    Our saw went down because the anti-kickback broke. (Part# A28414) A operator was almost hurt. We contacted Applied Industries (PH # 662-226-2024) and was told it would be the middle of April before we could get a part. This is a new saw.

    I ordered 2 V- belts for our bandsaw (Part# 5140051-35) on 1/17/13 and was told that they would be here by 2/28/13. They have not arrive. We can not run a manufacturing facility without equipment. and parts.

    I need 2 more table saws, 1 drill press and one bandsaw. If I can not get parts then I will need to buy Makita or Milwaukee.

    Safety, quality and service should be your top priority. I need these parts as soon as possible. Please work with Applied to get what I need.

    Ron Kane, Maintenance Manager

    Luvata Commercial Products

    1000 Heatcraft Drive

    Grenada,MS 38901

    PH # 662-229-4231

    FX # 662-229-4014

  4. I have a Delta sidekick Compound 12″ Miter Saw. I’ve had it about 15 years and when originally purchased it had a braking action on the blade that stopped blade rotation after switch was released. After all these years it seems to be nonexistant, with blade stopping only after a while of rotation. Can this be adjusted or brake replaced? Can’t find anything about this in the owners manual or on diagram. Thanks for the help.

  5. I have a Delta band saw table top type. Only nomenclature I can locate is “Delta type 1. BS 100 #031761 (also J2063). Blade 28-176.

    While trying to put blade back on the 10” bottom roller the “saddle” broke in several pieces. Can this be repaired? and would it be possible to get instructions on aligning the saw blade also the proper tension.

  6. I’m looking for wiring diagram delta saw with 5hp 230 volt single phase motor I have a table saw and one of the wires came off the capacitor during shipping or when setting up

  7. I’m trying to locate bushing #1330248 for a delta lathe 46-401. I would appreciate any assistance you could give in locating one. thanks

  8. I have a delta movable table mounted miter saw mod 23 150 ser 87K69782. i need the blade guide bushing. how can i obtaim ther

  9. Case # 05759839

    I have received three aerators that were incorrect.

    I have sent pictures of the aerator or what was left of it with the ones they send.

    I answered a question from my e-mail on my phone to get someone to help.

    I was told that that e-mail was not with that case number.

    They sent me the original e-mail. It has become very irritating .

    I know they tried at first but when they could figure out what it took they just left me hanging.

    have faucet and showers by delta.

    the support is good to start but has left me with a negative feeling after this problem.

    I guess it was with my work e-mail.The case number I thought would have helped.

    I guess I left out I had my bathroom gutted.

    Everything replaced. I requested delta .

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