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  1. My husband and I were planning to get up early and drive from N.C. to Va to Dennys Restaurant in Va. We traveled an hour away to do this to start our holiday celebration! The first stop was Dennys on Tintern St in Chesapeake, Va. We arrived at Dennys around 900 am. We were the only customers there. Our waitress greeted and took our order. Upon waiting for our food, two other couples came in. The waitress took their orders and shortly after served their food. The waitress even served us more coffee and water and still not acknowledging we didn’t have food. The other two couples ate and left!! Finally, we noticed, everyone served but us. We asked to speak to a manager. The manager looked into it and talked to the waitress and found out that she said, she forgot. We don’t know how can you forget when you are returning to ask us for refills on coffee.. you requested not to put personal things in our comments but if you would like to know I will address this gladly because it seems it was discrimination.

  2. Me and my family eat at dennys kona Hawaii.thats Mother’s Day…the food it take 1hr.i call the server and ask why so long the order?he said we only have one cook,what the fuck?what kind business u guys have no worker?i told him I want to talk the manager?he said she’s helping the cook,I can’t bother her because she’s a TIGER BOSS?i ask what the name of the boss he said PAMELA….this place need improvement..change the TIGER BOSS?

  3. Saw the advertisement about the grand slam.Just want to say Denny’s has helped after.long days longs walks in wating time.I really don’t know about the ingredients but it the same.from what in the market.Is Denny a family owned.company located in Miami travel out in the night time to Denny a worker that works doest do no studying but does.spend money there from the menu is it safe to do a order not harmful.for me or others.

  4. I’m a truck driver so I eat at Denny’s in the travel centers several times a week. None are perfect but today I was irritated at the Hope Hull, Alabama location. Apparently the wait staff is being “retrained”. That’s fine but…..the three girls working at 4pm were very young impressionable girls. Wanda the trainer assigned their areas and one asked about seating customers in the front of the restaurant. Wanda told the girls they weren’t good enough to handle the whole restaurant and until they prove to her they could do it, only the rear of the restaurant would be used. First of all-if they aren’t allowed to use it, how do they prove it? Second-when training you don’t put people down, you be positive and build their confidence level- it makes them happy and want to work harder for you. I did food service for 18 years before driving trucks and being nice and positive works better. I also train drivers and it applies here too. I won’t stop to eat here again because I felt so embarrassed for the girls. Our waitress was making our deserts when a customer sat in her area so she didn’t see him. After a few minutes Wanda saw him raise his arm for service so she took his order then went and chewed out our waitress for not serving him. Jalah H was our waitresses name, she didn’t know he was there. Then Wanda made her apologize to him and asked her loudly if she did it! She embarrasses the wait staff and I think upper management needs to do something about it before they lose these girls and more customers.

  5. 05/12/14 at9:30am we arrived at dennys in kona Hawaii!!!first comment no one greet us,we wait and I saw this lady long hair and white hair!the why she look us is soooo disappointed?WE ALMOST WALK OUT? Later on I heard she’s yelling the worker?and she’s helping the server to serve our food!the food is not bad,but my wife food is sooo dirty she found white hair???from now on BIG BIG NO WAY WE EAT AT DENNYS!!!

  6. This morning at 0800 we went to eat at the Denny’s on transmountainun El Paso, Texas. The nice hostess fretted us with a warm smile. We sat down and I saw all the wait staff standing around talking and laughing and carrying on. Well awhile later (at this point we still haven’t been approached in this empty restaurant). Finally our waitress who was the life if the party said loudly “Oh, Ok I’m sorry” noticing that we were their sitting and waiting to at least get a drink order. I ordered the sausage skillet and my husband ordered his plate. Well she didn’t write anything down and and gathers our menus. She walked to the hostess/cashier stand and started to talk to the hostess/greeter. I walked up to her and asked for my bacon to be extra crispy. She proceeds to talk about her ring and laughing loudly( mind you she still hasn’t placed our order in). She finally is done with her conversation with the hostess and talking STILL LOUDLY about her night last night. I was very disappointed !! When we got our food my back was barely cooked. I knew it I knew she didn’t put that in because her mouth was the fastest moving part on her body definently not her legs or hands. I picked through the skillet and pulled out the raw bacon. It was stretchy and unappetizing. She came to the table and I asked for a side of bacon “CRISPY” she comes with some more stretchy bacon. I’ve really just decided that this place needs a new wait staff. She never came with the bill and so we walked to the cashier stand and she gave “A Bill” to a different server and it wasn’t our order by the way it was from yesterday. She comes to the front fumbling through her pockes and decides to just print a new ticket. This was the worst breakfast EVER! Please take care of this issue. She really needs a leader to re-train her.

  7. My last visit to a Denny’s was 5 years ago. I vowed then that I wouldn’t return- not because the food was bad but because they claim to be a breakfast place but offer no variety in their pancake syrup. Maple is it- no berry syrups of any kind. I went back to a Denny’s tonite( only choice available close to hotel)hoping to find Denny’s caught up to the 21st century and started offering syrup variety. No go!! Come on! I’m done with Denny’s for good now- unless I see an ad saying they now offer something besides maple.

  8. My wife and I ate dinner at Dennys in Williamsport this evening, I had the Santa Fe Skillet plus toast, my wife had the banana Wh/ Pancake. We waited for our meals approx. 1/2 hr. My wife’s meal was quite good, mine on the other hand was something else to be desired. The skillet was half empty, the toast was cold and dried out. I don’t think the chef knew what he was doing, and ether the place was short of help, or they were a bunch of amateurs. The store address is 1716 East 3rd St. Williamsport, Pa== Store 3 is 8197. Up home a skillet breakfast is about all you can eat, not half empty. I have never before had sourdough toast that tasted like dried out bread before it was toasted.

  9. we visit Danny’s in Mayaguez pr 00680 about twice a wk and beside that ur prices r a little high we love the changes of food, so we just order what we could afford .on 9/16 14 we walk to the rest. and was a strange odor, so we ask the waitress and I was told it was the rug, so I look down and the rug is black from dirt. the roof looks like is coming apart, also needs paint. just something you need to check.. also just to let u know that next yr. ihop will be coming to this area. thank you.


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