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DeviantArt is the largest community of artists and art lovers. The site features over one hundred million original works of art.

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  1. I’m having problems getting onto the site. It won’t load and I really want to access it again. Please send me their contact list so I can email them what’s going on.

  2. When I try to log on to the site, I enter my password in and such, but it always tells me it’s wrong. When I redo my password and type it in, it’s still wrong! I cannot log on and it will not let me file a trouble ticket. I don’t know what to do!

  3. I have been a member for some time. My password is not working and have filled out many trouble tickets, since I am unable to sign in to look at the tickets. This has been going on for sometime. I want to cancle my membership for they are auto deducting from my checking account.

  4. I can not complete registration because my user name is not valid. I tried to create a new user name but the system will not allow me to use the same email address. Is there a way to cancel my first account so I can use the same email address. My user name is ~catom06

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