DFAS is the accounting firm of the Department of Defense (DoD). DFAS is responsible for dentifying and implementing finance and accounting requirements for government offices, employees contractors.

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  1. I’m a retired Navy vet. I’m pushing 70 years of age. I don’t know my mypay login information. I’ve tried to re-set it. It keeps telling me I’ve entered an incorrect character. After two tries it locks me out for two days. I’m not computer literate. I actually hate computers. I want to talk to a real person, in order to change an allotment.

  2. what is difference in crsc and cdrp. 1 sent my request in to change from crsc to cdrp. got reply saying I would remain on crsc.i must have made a mistake in selection.can I receive crdp versus crsc or am I too late to change over. clemon usn retired

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