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6/9/2013 DHL (Canada) - I live in the country just on the outskirts of the
I live in the country just on the outskirts of the Fraser Valley. A delivery from China took 2 days to arrive and process into DHL site. They called and added an extra $18.00 before anything will happen. Then they say it goes to a local delivery person ( they don't even know who ) who will deliver the package. That was 3 weeks ago and still nothing and they don't know where the package is.
Can I start a company like this. ALL B.S. and most definatly no service. I now can't even go and pick up this parcel.

screwed Read More
1/3/2013 DHL (Canada) - Dhl Canada delays and complaints 1/7/13
complain dhl delays 1 box sent to canana on 12/12/12 recipients are not.Now to return to thailand.Charge destination country .

sayuan butnampecth Read More
9/25/2012 DHL (Canada) - dear sir/madamhope u be finethis is masoud
dear sir/madam
hope u be fine
this is masoud dastvarz from tehran-iran
im in iphon mobile business in iran.
i wana be one of your customer in future.
can u introduce me some of your customers for apple iphon mobiles who are sending to iran with dhl?
im waiting for your prompt reply
best regards masoud dastvarz

maoud dastvarz Read More
9/7/2012 DHL (Canada) - I really think DHL should improve in their
I really think DHL should improve in their customer complaints and provide better customer service to handle customer problems

John Read More
5/23/2012 DHL (Canada) - they were late when I sernt a package to them as
they were late when I sernt a package to them as well to another area. I was treated like crap from a driver about a yr ago I emailed filed complaint they told local manager he called me and met with me he is not allowed to deliver to my area again thank GOD.

rodneyMarois Read More
4/11/2012 DHL (Canada) - I would like to explain my complain about DHL
I would like to explain my complain about DHL services as I suggest no body care about it . I have a important shipment from Abu Dhabi to Edmonton . It has shipped from Abu Dhabi on April 05 and arrived to Edmonton on 09 April . The driver refer to address and stick the tag that they need buzz number as he can get it by the building keypad very simple (with the apartment number simply everybody can find buzz number !) and they can call me and ask buzz number (but they said the driver don't have mobile !!) ! I called to DHL and gave them the buzz number and they told delivery would be done next day , DHL call morning April 10 and said they will delivery today , again I checked on line tracking and found new message for contact DHL for address !!!! I called again and they said they will follow and may be delivery next day!!!! I am wondering about DHL service and why no body care about reliable and on time service to your customer , I’m still waiting in my home for 2 days to get my document ! I cancelled all of my appointment for April 9th afternoon and April 10th (and I should cancel for April 11th) because of your service .

Bijan Read More
2/20/2012 DHL (Canada) - I never have had a problem with DHL yet! I am only
I never have had a problem with DHL yet! I am only importing goods with them and they beat the heck out of those thieves at UPS. fast and inexpensive. Customer service lacks some.

Scot Read More
1/17/2012 DHL (Canada) - TERRIBLE. I ordered two products on Decemeber
TERRIBLE. I ordered two products on Decemeber 28th, one from Thailand and the other from the US. only the package from the US used DHL. They lost my address when the package was two hours away from me in another city, and did not inform me of the delay. I emailed the company i ordered from and even they replied with this,

"I apologize that the delivery has been delayed so long. We provided DHL with your telephone number, so they should have called you if there were a problem. However sometimes DHL service quality is lacking in these situations."

They didn't call. Its now the 17th of Jan. I recieved the package from Thailand two weeks ago and the package from DHL has been two hours away from me since the 30th. Also, their site map is terrible. it was this website, basically bashing the company that i finally tracked down the number.

Bo Read More
1/11/2012 DHL (Canada) - terrible services, never deliver on-time and the
terrible services, never deliver on-time and the customer service can never help the customer-even waste more time to talk to them; I doubt why they are still in business??

NEO Read More
1/10/2012 DHL (Canada) - me in Kuwait and my son & daughter in Canada were
me in Kuwait and my son & daughter in Canada were follow the shipment by tracking moment by moment, both of them were waiting for the DHL man to call and they posted a note on the front desk & the building their cell phone number & to requesting the delivery person to call them on arrival. Not only did they not call they posted the missed delivery tag next to the note without any caring (customer not at home) and both of them were there waiting. My son call customer service to complain. I am here in Kuwait and my children in Canada are still waiting and left without the shipment. DHL's is the worst of any company I have dealt with.

My shipment number is - was sent from Kuwait on Wednesday 4th. January 2012.

Raghda Read More
11/29/2011 DHL (Canada) - impossibe service!!!!.....tracking numbers
impossibe service!!!!.....tracking numbers declined online, cannot reach any
service personnel.....why would anyone choose this carrier when the competition
is so painless?.....i have wasted many hours now attempting to receive a very
small package in canada shipped from amazon in the usa.....never again!....so

kris Read More
9/28/2011 DHL (Canada) - DHL in Canada uses scan status "Delivery
DHL in Canada uses scan status "Delivery attempted; recipient not home" for situation when they fail to deliver, for example package placed on the wrong route truck... This is simply fraud, because there is a financial responsibility related to commitment times and deliveries. By using "customer's fault" scans they avoid paying money back guarantees...
I had to make 5 phone calls, and beleive it or not, my package the normally takes 2 days to deliver, still not delivered, after 17 days...

Linda Fergman Read More
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