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  1. Hi, I booked tickets for myself, my husband and my son.Reference 32QX6VR. Unfortunately my son has had an accident whilst here. He badly shattered his arm and has broken the tibular and fibia in his leg. The hospital have operated on his arm but cannot operate on his leg yet as there are some problems and we do not know when it will be done – hopefully sometime next week ie beginning of January. We are due to fly on the 16th January from Sydney. We have reported it to the Insurance Company as he is covered but he and either myself or my husband or all of us may have to change flights for a later date. Obviously the Insurance will pick up on this and hopefully sort it out. If we can all fly home together my son and one other will need an upgraded seat as we have been told he cannot fly economy. If for example I want to change my ticket to stay with them can you tell me what sort of cost is involved?

  2. with ref, to seating .office phone me, i told her that any where both together seats, but we reach to seat we found that are on diffterent seat and in deffterent row,my return flight from usa, i told her timing from both side in evening but found from usa in morning.reaching london 10 pm.when i ask to change the time , i was told i have topay 75 pounds for each.very good bussinrs. i am not going to deal with these people again

  3. Hello

    My name is Katy Dippenaar , booking

    I have a flight booked on 30 June 2012 with BA.

    I would like to change the date of this flight.

    Please could you advise the latest date possible to change the booking and the cost involved.

    Thank you for your time.

  4. With reference to our seating arrangements, we are totally disappointed that we had seats booked. When we arrived at Heathrow we were told that we were in different seats and separated. On complaining we were told that we would have to pay 70 pounds which we did in order to get window seats and together. We telephoned the agency who handled our booking and spoke to Ash who said he would check the matter out and get back to us which he hasn’t done. We were also informed that the seats that were booked going back to the UK on April 5th are different and we are separated again. Totally unacceptable, I certainly wouldn’t travel not seated with my wife. This booking was made on November 16, 2011. I certainly expect full compensation for the extra charges spent. Thank you for your attention in this matter and await your reply

  5. I am anxious to change my return flight to London. I am currently booked to fly back from Durban to Heathrow on 29 March. My booking ref. is WMBZLP I have an emergency here in South Africa and can only fly back to the UK on 9th April> Please advise if you can re-book me. Many thanks.

  6. Hi, I intend travelling to Oz & NZ at the end of this year on a return flight schedule, spending approx 2o days before my return flight. Please let me know the cost in stirling.

    many thanks,


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