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  1. Loyal fan of BF4 but since BF1 & BF5…
    DICE…you should be ashamed!
    BF1 was total Garbage and now….
    BFV/5…absolutely BIGGER GARBAGE!!!
    I wish I had never bought it.
    I can’t believe you are charging as much for this game as you are!
    I’ll never buy another EA/DICE Game again!

  2. Let me start off like this, at first I loved battlefield 1. I’m like wow this is a great game, great graphics the guns are super realistic. But as I got better at the game I’m starting to realize how bad it sucks. the first thing you need to change is the aim assist. this feature is stupidg bullcrap and does nothing but crap someone off when theres two guys around me and I cant aim at the one I want because the controller is basically controlling itself gets extremely irritating. second you have to be more realistic when I empty almost a whole clip into somebodys chest from 50 feet away and he still kills me theres something wrong, if I shoot someone in there neck please tell me how theyre going to be able to keep coming at me its bullcrap, and last but not least make it so I’m able to throw dynamite while I’m running that’s the dumbest thing ive ever seen, ill be running along side a tank and becausw I’m running I cant throw it that makes no sense so then I stop to try n throw it n guess what I cant get the dynamite to go far enough to reach the tank

  3. What’s with the poor star wars battlefront server connection? Making it impossible to play the game. Also, how is it that battlefront 2 on ps2 had tons more content than this one? I mean reach level 50 and that’s it!!! Seems to me that we r being ripped off when u compare the battlefront games!!! Seriously, u need to sort it out or u are going to lose more players than u have done already or is dice not bothered? Poor, very poor if u ask me and many other players I have spoken to, as long as ppl pay u for the game and find out after hey? That’s how it seems to me

  4. I had battlefield 4 on the 360 bought all DLC separately did not pay for premium upgraded Xbox one and now I have no DLCs or guns that I unlocked is there something we can do to help me play this game fully

  5. My cousin broke my bf4 and i was thinking if i can get a replacement plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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