Direct Express Mastercard Debit


The Direct Express? Debit MasterCard? provides another option for federal beneficiaries who do not have a bank account. Use the Direct Express Debit for all your purchases. The Veterans Department and the Social Security Department Encourage you to use this card for your payments and purchases.

Hearing impaired: 1-866-569-0447
International: 1-765-778-6290 (Collect)

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  1. hi my name is tiffany walls in it was $34.95 taking off my card for in i want my money put back on my card i don’t know whats going on i don’t play the game called candy crush saga i called them in they said it was direct express that took it off i called but no answer i need help in i would like it if yall can put my money back on my card my number is please give me a call thank you

  2. Ha first of all I hope they do away with Social Security! They probably will soon.. I just think its lame for people that do work including the CSRs that answer your lame calls complaining all the time “I want my money!” EVERYBODY SHOULD JUST BE HAPPY THEY GET FING MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT! Sheesh people! I hope OBAMA does take all this xxxx out and then there will be nothing to complain about.But the next rep you get TRY TO BE NICE TO because for one, its not their fault.. most of the time its SOCIAL SECURITY’S!! Be nice next time to the person who is trying to assist you.. because frankly no one wants to hear about people complaining over “I want my money” Direct Express can only do so much.. as for ATM withdraws… there is a link on the website that says ATM LOCATOR you can use to find the “free” atms in your area… as for investigations… you have no idea how many people will spend the funds off their card and call and say it was stolen just to get it back again each month! THEY INVESTIGATE IT TO SEE EXACTLY WHO SPENT THE FUNDS… SHEESH… GET A LIFE PEOPLE!

  3. Super customer service. Send me a new card due to the Target deal and sent it via UPS so I could get it by air. They also went over my transactions to ensure all of the purchases were from me. It didn’t take too long and the lady was super helpful and kind.

  4. this card is full of crap I have been waiting on a replacement card since 1-21-14 and it now 2-11-14 and 15 calls later still nothing even after charging me 13.50 to have it delivered in 2 days and still nothing

  5. 2-9-2014 a charge of $12.97 that is pending was charged for IC freeshiping. I went on line and it is a SCAM. they are getting card numbers from other orders on line. I told them I did not order this. They said, I could cancel this but I’m still charged $12.97 for FEB and MARCH $12.97. 24 hours has not even past at the time I found this. Please cancel this scam. Right now it is pending. ernestine

  6. my card is up as of this month, have spoken to 3 different person ,as I have called 3 times.. my card never came so I called. I was told card was mailed 1st week of Dec. after I had called and they stopped that cars, it came in the mail two days later.. but on Jan.22nd 2014 I talked to a male receptionist who said direct express has trouble with their mail. this is my card ..its important. he also told me on the 22nd of Jan. that he would mail another card and it should be to me no later then the end of that week..( jan, 22nd) still no card. after many hours of trying to get someone on the phone today, I talked to a lady who,,,,once again tells me to wait…this is the 7th of Feb, my card is not good at the end of this month.. and she goes on to tell me they can send it by express mail….and they ( Direct Express) will charge me 13 dollars and some cents if I want to do it that way…Who do I talk to …to get my new card in my hands TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am disabled and cannot afford to pay 13 dollars and then some to get a card that is already MINE!!!

  7. My card expires the end of this month. I called last month and was told the card was sent in the first week of Dec. and that they ( Direct Express) would issue me a a new card. a few days later a card comes in the mail. it’s the lost card , now deactivated. on the 24th of January I called direct express again, was told the card I got was the lost one in the mail. and that they were mailing my new card the 24th, same day I talked to them. and to look for my new card about 7 days grom then, and if I didn’t receive it call them…card is over another week longer then they said…and cant get anyone to talk to me on the phone…

  8. I have been trying for over 2days to get to customer service–so I can see why money was taken out–that I didnt use or have any idea where it went and WHY—I am now short $106.00 !!! Again called customer service—but it STILL wont connect–I need help!!!

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