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DirecTV offers several Methods to pay your monthly DirecTV bill using their bill pay service or a third party payment service.

Text: Just text Pay to 21880 to pay your DirecTV bill by text.

By Phone: Call 1-800-531-5000, note this is subject to a $5.00 last minute bill pay charge.

By App: Use your DirecTV app and tap Pay my Bill.

Auto Pay: Set up auto-pay to automatically to auto-withdraw your payment from your account

By Mail: Use the pre-printed envelope for the proper address

PreCash: Call: 1-800-773-2274

Western Union: Call 1-800-225-5227 and use DIRECTVUT for the city code

MoneyGram: 1-800-328-5678 use DIRECTV as the company and 1602 for the city code

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