DirecTV Cancel


DirecTV requires their customers to cancel by phone. Please be aware that you may be charged a cancelation fee by DirecTV if you are still under contract.

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  1. Phoned to cancel at end of contract, they were to have sent boxes for the return of the two receivers and e-mail me confirmation of end of service. non of this has been done. Contract ends tonight. Back to the phone to contact them again. Now I will most likely bee told that I never called. Have had nothing but problems with this company. Never get credit if out of service either. Never installed correctly in the beginning but I had to pay for their mistakes. There are no senior discounts available for real retired senior citizens or vets. Never will pay for this type of service again. I will read more, go out and have a nice meal than give them money every month. I also do not like the fact that I have to have Spanish cannels included in my package. You can order only Spanish if you wish but you can not order English only. I do not speak Spanish nor did I know that I ever would have to in this Country.

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