DirecTV Customer Service

DirecTV Customer Service Number for Support and Help: 1-800-824-9081

DirectTV is a Satellite TV Provider in the U.S.A. They provide multiple HD channels to viewers. DirecTV provides sports, news, tv channels, NFL Sunday Ticket and movie channels.

One of DirecTV’s most popular features is NFL Sunday Ticket. This feature allows you to watch every NFL football game on your TV, computer or mobile device. NFL Sunday ticket is a must for serious NFL fans. However, a common complaint is that they will renew the service each year if you do not cancel the service. 

You can watch live TV or stream up to 45,000 shows or movies OnDemand on up to 5 screens at once. They also offer the next generation DVR, the Genie HD DVR. Looking for customer support for another tv provider? We list all of them at this link for tv and internet service providers.

DirecTV Now Phone Numbers

DirecTV Now: 1-800-531-5000

DirecTV Now: 1-800-531-5000

Customer Express Line: 1-800-824-9081

TTY: 1-800-779-4388

TRS: 1-800-531-5000

Sales: 1-888-777-2454

Customer Service Email
DirecTV does not publish customer service email addresses. However Verizon does have a contact page where you can chat about your customer service issues through a chat client. You can access chat through this link.

Hints to Reach a Live Person
To reach a life person at DirecTV customer service, call their customer service phone number then enter or say your phone number or account number. Eventually, you will be get a human to speak with at DirecTV.

What are DirecTV’s customer service hours?

Support is available every day, 8 a.m. – 12 a.m. ET

Who owns DirecTV?

DirecTV is part AT&T. Since they are part of the same business structure, you can get package deals with DirecTV and AT&T services like internet, phone service and cellular service

Is there a competitor to DirecTV for Satelite TV?

Yes, DISH network is the competition for DirecTV. The downside for DISH is that they do not offer NFL Sunday Ticket.

Can I get help from DirecTV on Social Media?

Yes, DirecTV maintains accounts on Twiter, Facebook and Youtube. Use Twitter or Facebook for customer service issues.
DirecTV Support on Twitter
DirectTV Twitter Account.
DirecTV Support on Facebook
DirecTV’s  Youtube Account

DirecTV Customer Service
DirecTV Customer Service Phone Number

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433 Replies to “DirecTV Customer Service”

  1. I have tried to call customer service every day for a week. I always get cut off. How in the world do you find a human to talk to?

  2. Why is it almost impossible to get a person on the telephone, just electronic voices, it is very irritating.

  3. I tried to subscribe to your service with no luck.each time you talk to someone you get a different story.if you can even understand them.i placed an order one week ago thew told me someone would be in touch with me about scheduling serive.after not hearing anything I called back and was told they have no record of my order.good luck with your direct tv.

  4. Direct TV is like owning a boat. The two best days in the ownership cycle are the days you purchase it and the day you finaly dump it. My cost has gone up by an order of magnitude in the six years I’ve been a subscriber and getting them to do anything requires one to reach for a wallet. The only thing worse is Dish. What the public needs is another choice which allows one to pick only the channels one wants instead of paying for a lot of useless signals.

  5. I have been a customer for almost 2 years. I had paid up on sevice in febuary and was even steven with Direct Tv. I paid everyting on Feb 9th and was told that I would recieve my bill by email.. I was happy cause I get it sent directly to my phone and would be on time. Never heard a thing and on the 19 got a phone call from DirectTv saying that my service has some changes and they need to talk with me(mind you this is the first I have heard from them since paying my bill on Feb 9th.) I then call them after work and was told my service was shut off that day…. The same day they called!!! So I called “customer service” to pay my bill. They told me I owed 233.00… Yes 233.00 for 1 month of service but would take 169.00. I asked y this was and was told they prorate the days late (which was ten days to be exact)and it cost me 69.00 to watch Direct Tv for those ten days….Haha.. But really they were serious!! So I asked, “So If I pay the 169.00 and my monthly bill is 102.00 then on April 9th my bill should be about 40.00 dollars the “Supervisor” said no that I wil have to Pay another 102.00 for that month???? Not sure how this calculates but I realized that I am getting ripped off!! So again I offered to Pay the 102.00 for the Month I was 10 days late on and was never notified or sent a bill to let me know when to pay and according to what the Gentalmen told me in Febuary It wasnt due till the 24th. The Supervisor pretty much told me too bad You are going to pay 169.00 or nothing…WOW what great customer service. Never pretended to be the perfect customer but man I sure felt like my money isnt good enough. To top it all off my DVR didnt work all month which I emailed about 15 times and nothing was done about it and they didnt even offer me a discount based on that which they even said that it showed up unactive in their system… I plan to tell everyone about this, Facebook, twitter, I think I am even gonna start a blog on how bad Direct Tvs customer service is. Its a shame really cause the programing isnt to bad..Its just not worth the hassle of dealing with them and their rediculous ways of getting money out of people…

  6. Highly upset with Direct TV, We ordered direct TV the first time around to be delivered to us on February 1st, waited 4 hrs and no one showed up, called to figure out where you guys were only to find out that the information you gave us (acct number and work order) was linked to jullian in Wyoming….. ummmm no I am Sandra in California…. after literally speaking to 12 different people, they didn’t help me or give me compensation for my time, they told me I have to create a new account. I make a new account, only to be told the next installation date would be 10 days for now, on the 11th. I am not a consumer?!?! I am not a priority!??! hmm. So on the 11th I wait 4 hours, only to get to 12pm and no one is here…. WOW DIRECT TV FOR THE SECOND TIME YOU DON’T SHOW. I call and the guy has the audacity to tell me, the install guy has 5 minutes, bc i called at 11:55am…. hmmmmm ok well once we talk and 12:05 rolls around and I let him know about my first issue of speaking to 12 different ppl and you guys were suppose to be here on the 1st he offers me 5.00 dollars off bc that is all he can do. HAH 5.00 dollars for wasting 8 hrs of my time and then 3 hrs bc i get transferred and transferred on to be told i need to create a new account, and the you guys don’t show up….. he gets his dispatcher “supervisor” to call me and I let him know what happened to me, previously, so at this point I have now told 14 ppl, and he apologizes and tells me he will personally call me back to let me know where the install guy is….. well no one calls and a hr rolls by and I get a automated message telling me a installation guy will be here in 30 minutes….I never got my PERSONALLY CALL FROM A SUPERVISOR, I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED EVER AGAIN FOR MY COMPLAINTS, I received 5.00 off…. hah!

    Funny story about this is I Met a guy, at my place of business, who says he works for direct TV and bc he didn’t feel like his experiece was great or WOW he demaded 200.00 dollars of his bill… HA! Funny how things work and how things happen… NEXT TIME YOU WANT TO STATE YOU ARE A MANAGER FOR DIRECT TV AND THEY HAVE THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE AROUND…… REALLY!!?!?!? I wanted to tell you right then and there my frustrations with you and your product… but within 5 minutes, we gave YOU 200.00 OFF YOUR BILL….. NO QUESTIONS ASKED… YOUR COMPANY GIVES ME 5.00…… HA!!

    Let’s rethink this….. I am the consumer, I have told my story to 16 different direct TV employees, who have not done one darn thing for me…. do you understand my concerns…. Oh and the best part is your guys said you couldn’t fin our original order…well DIRECT TV, I went online to register my information to pay my first bill bc I know I have to pay for this crappy service no matter what, bc my new apartments don’t get ATT uverse…. and when I registered my information and NOT MY HUSBANDS, there is a CC registered to my account and my Social Security!!!!! and I NEVER GAVE YOU GUYS MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION…. IF I WAS A BAD GUY I WOULD LEAVE IT AND LET IT AUTOPAY, BUT THE FUNNY THING IS, IT IS MY HUSBANDS CARD, which i never gave you, that was on the original set up that NO ONE COULD FIND!! BUT SOME HOW YOU LINKED IT TO MY ACCOUNT….?!?!? Does that make sense to you….. me either…

    one upset and angry customer who hasn’t been helped……



    THIS IS A GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!

  8. Don’t pay it, call your State Dept of Commerce and your State Attorney General. This is the only way to get these crooks to stop their deceptive practices.

  9. And I’m also another disgruntled former Direct Tv Customer. I went back to Dish on Jan 28, 2013 as my bundle with Direct Tv, Century Link, and Verizon ended. Actually my contract with Direct TV ended last Sept. 2012 and when I called them, they told me that my contract was renewed for another 2 years because they had to replace one of my DVR’S, and because of that my contract was renewed. Hmmmm? Excuse me, ah I don’t think so. They claim they will charge me 140.00 dollars a month for violating their policy. Well I told them that they can do what they want but I will be turning them in to the MN DEPT OF COMMERCE, AND THE MN STATE ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE if any charges show up. The Beeotch that was on the phone was so rude. Also I asked for boxes to return equipment and she wouldn’t answer me. My daughter and others that I work with, have said basically that they won’t send any return equipment boxes and will charge you for the non returned equipment. I got a letter from them a couple weeks ago and it said that they were raising their rates again. All I can figure out is that their losing to DISH and are trying too intimidate it’s customers. I will never go back to Direct TV. Never.

  10. I wished to get a movie on line last evening, but couldn’t get it because I had to

    go thru a lot of prelimary stuff which I didn’t understand, but my account was billed

    and they didn’t even know I didn’t get the movie. How come it’s so easy for you to

    bill my account but don’t know if I watched the movie? I want my account credited, please.

  11. Have had Directv for almost two years and sick of there service. First, they sell you a fanastic package with free HBO/STARZ etc. Then they tell you for every customer you sign up you get a $10.00 credit for 10 months.What they DONT tell you is, once the 10 months is up, your package just about doubles and your tax increases. So the 29.99 pkg will hit you approimately 79.00 after 10 months. Now if you are late for whatever reason, customer service will not speak to you until you pay your bill. If you have an error on your bill, they still will not speak to you until you pay your bill. This is not good customer service. If you have a problem with your box or whatever, make sure your account is paid in full..if you owe over .49 cents, customer service will not speak to you until you pay it.If you are late, they will bill you two months up front and expect you to pay it. My service is $74.00 a month. In November 2012 I was late and they billed me $287.00, of course I refused and paid them the $74.00 plus 5.00 late fee. In December I get a bill for $287.00 again, and I continued to pay my monthly fee of $74.00, this time without the late fee.Tried calling..no dice..so now I get a bill for $414.00 WTF! now I’m pissed. Customer service says pay and we’ll talk.I say guess what? NO MORE DIRECTV…CANCEL ME OUT COMPLETELY! YOUR CABLE BOXES ARE IN THE GARAGE, I HAVE MOVED ON TO HULU!!!!

  12. Please fix your CC wording on your shows. Ever sence the new year its been messeed up. I depend on reading whats being said. It dosn’t do it on all shows.

  13. DirecTV customer service is realing displeased on all counts from getting service fix and sending a tech to a location to handles theses problems. I be looking for another cable service real soon, thank u very much!!!

  14. Our experience today with Christian WAS AWSOME!

    He arrived at noon, when he said he would, he took only an hour to install an additional room system, add it to the dish, and show us how to do cool stuff with our remote.

    He is the BOMB and deserves a raise.

    I mentioned it was a bummer he had to work on a Sat. and in 2 feet of snow–his comments about how HE was happy that we were giving him work in Jan. and HIS attitude were PERFECT–SERIOUSLY–HE NEEDS A BIG RAISE! Please make sure he gets this.

    Thank-you Christian, from Terri and Kirk in Oak Creek!

  15. I have only had Direct TV since July 2012 – my apartment complex requires I use them or Dish. Centurylink said a bundle deal was the way to go. HA! Sincfe July I have had to have them out 2 times for my internet service, and had to call 4 times now because I turn on the TV and get “searching for satellite” – can’t watch TV when it keeps freezing. When I call they can’t help, unless of course if I want to take a day off work so that their technician can come see what the problem is. Seriously! Then I get a bill for $272.00 – called and Direct TV said it was Centurylink, called Centurylink and they said it was Direct TV. NICE! Paid the bill, the next month get a bill for the regular charge $143.00, with no explanation why the previous months bill was so high. I had Comcast for 19 years, always treated fairly, with helpful people if I had to call, and of course if there was an interruption in service of any kind they would credit me. Maybe Centurylink/Direct TV needs to take a lesson from Comcast.

  16. I am so weary of talking to different departments and noone knows what is going on.This past week I set up an appt for them to come out and change over a box to HD and move a cable hookup over about inches on the wall.They said I had to pay before the tech came out.They charged my credit card 162.00.So the tech comes out, changes the box and informs me that He does not move cable hookups that are in a house which is 2 story and has a fire wall.I called DTV and asked for a credit on my card because the work was not done.I was told that that charge was my monthly DTV bill.I said no it was for a tech to come out.My bill has been paid.Long story short,I was transferred 5 times to differnt departments.Noone could help me.Finally I just gave up.Then to add insult to injury,my soninlaw tells me that he does not think I have a firewall.These are zero lots and they are not attached to one another!!I am so afraid to call DTV back to tell them of this new developement because you absolutely get no where with these people and you are on the phone as long as one hour!!Why oh why when they have such a good product can they not get their customer service people all on the same page?Dont use them.When my time is up,I am gone.

  17. i pay alot of money for the and expect to get all the channels .that means local channels If you cant provide them i will have to look to some outher company at my eariest opertunity

  18. Dont use direct tv today when i just go home all the channel say not subscribed and say call customer services (721)

  19. have acct. would like to out withdraw from my online acct. on 3rd of acct. instead of the 1st i receive my ss on the 3rd. if on the 1st the bank charges me $36.00. thanks

  20. I have been a driect TV customer for over 12 years and this is the first time they have really screwed me! I am not happy with the service, I got a phone call in August that said for 3 months we will give you starr/HBO and showtime for $5.00 and at the end of 3 months if you don’t want it call and it will be taken off. Well I called at the end of 3 months – you have to call on Nov 3rd – which I did and I got the most Jackass customer service person named Aron who was very RUDE on the phone. I am going to go with DISH Network, I have spoken to them. I have also contacted a lawyer this Aron said I have a contract, I NEVER SIGNED A CONTRACT!

    I have talked alot of people into going with Direct TV – BUT I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN – In fact, I am going to tell them to go with DISH

  21. nfl sunday ticket…dtc sends a postcard…to remove it, if you don’t want it, remove it before the season starts, they have a do not renew option. They notify you beforehand, if you’re not getting notified, call them and let them know.

  22. Direct TV is terrible!!! I live in a NO SOLICITATION area and even have that posted on my door, but still get there advertisments. I would NOT have Direct TV if it was FREE.

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