Discover Financial Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
2500 Lake Cook Road
Riverwoods, IL 60015
Corporate Phone Number: 1-224-405-0900

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14 Replies to “Discover”

  1. I have been trying to log in to discover card for the past two days to look and see when the next payment is. I am having a problem logging in. Is Discover Card having problems? If yes, fix it.

  2. I was denied a Discover credit card based on a credit card search that showed multiple late payments. I never pay late and I always pay more than the minimum. I think your credit card search must have turned up my daughter’s late payment record on her Kia. This vehicle is registered to us, because our daughter, has a bad credit record and could not purchase the car in her name. She is often late with her payments but still has the car. The credit company that you had investigate our credit score obviously did not investigate thoroughly to see that we pay all of our bills on time and that the only thing that could possibly taint our credit record would be the fact that our daughter’s Kia is registered to us and not to her. I would appreciate it if you would check this out and let me know whether or not I can still apply for a Discover credit card that offered 0 interest for a year plus a low interest rate after that plus many reward points for using the card. Thank you.

  3. You were denied because it would show 2 accounts with discover, which you can not have. You should take the unactive card, because that is an open account, and call customer service and tell them you changed your name and they will send you a new card with your correct name. Also it is DISCOVER not discovery

  4. I just applied for a discovery card and was denied. I am newly divorced and had applied before the divorce was final under the name Laura Kenck. I was approved but never activated my card because I legally changed my name back to my maiden name. I re applied now and was denied. I have currently a visa card with Chase and have made every payment faithfully. When married our credit was excellent. And as a divorced woman my credit is excellent again.

  5. I recived my statment, ans i was shock to find a payment due to dish net for402.00 dollors for and early clain that they said was early quited them, I asked mthem in the begaining if this was a contrack, and the they sais,(i quot) no this wasent a contrac

    they are a no good company, and I wount recommend them. Whem I get my discovery card statement i wont pay it.Mr Michael Hession sr

  6. Hello, Please stop the payment of $ 123,90 to Feelgoodstore, as they are unsafe partners.

    I sent my order to FGS in 04.20.2012, and I cancelled my order today, 05.02, 6.00pm by

    email ( any contact with FGS is very difficult and unsafe, I hope you are more reliable).

    For more ID data note my final 4 figure of SS number: XXX-XX-.Let me know, please if

    the cancellation of payment was done. Thanks,Customer Service! F.F.- Evanston

  7. what is the reason you told me i canyt have a card with you.theirs no reason in the lattel

    that you sent me is it because i am on ssi.

  8. I will be sending in my Dec. payment this Wednesday and hopefully you will receive by the 20th;sorry for mailing it late but my check comes in this Wednesday

  9. Boy ohhhhhhh boy U people seem to have really messed things up here. There was NOT JUST 1 time charge of $12.97 to our discover card by this company but 5 times that amount. We thought U guys had this all under control and reported as a phoney charge all the time and now we get this from U. What is the matter there anyway? We were not even aware that this company had somehow or another gotten our CC account info and made these charges until we called U about it and had our account number changed. PLEASE CORRECT UR MISTAKES ON THIS MATTER AND PUT INTO DISPUTE ALL THOSE CHARGES FROM THIS COMPANY, and please do it ASAP. Les & Kim

  10. I have had but the best service from discover. My purse was stolen and you took care of everything and I was not charged a penny for anything they charged. You also called me when someone used my card out of state to see if it was me, which it wasn’t. Thank you so much for watching out for me.

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