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  1. I too am from Branford Connecticut, and have been trying to order a subscription to the magazine. No matter what I do it brings me to an ad page. Nothing works on the site. I will not be getting thisthis magazine at any time. I also am using a fake shell email address so everything will go in the trash.

  2. I once subscribed to Discover and they immediately started dunning me to renew. I never renew when I am harassed no matter how much I like the magazine. So I DID NOT renew. I haven’t received a magazine in over a year and today they called trying to collect for a four year extension. I told them I didn’t extend and I didn;t get any magazines; to cancel and close the account Josh said he couldn’t do that. When aI asked to speak to a supervisor he said he was the supervisor. He was rude and abusive, trying to force me to pay for something I didn’t order, don’t want and didn’t get. Oh Discover – you disappoint me.

  3. I tried to subscribe but keep getting switched to an website. For ads and advertising. They will never ever receive any kind of money from me

  4. Hope you get this. I recently ordered DISCOVER through an 8th grade magazine sale here in Northwoods Wisconsin.

    I am so impressed that I wanted to let you know that your Magazine is at the top of my list. I subscribe to TIME and National Geographic (adult and kids) and find your magazine is unique compared even to them..

    Your magazine goes out of the box.

    Thank you.

  5. I have a subscription which was past due I was out of the state for several months however i have since paid my fee and asked that you resume mailing them plus any that were put on hold due to late payments I have not received any mags nor response to my request. Please help. Elijah. Thank you for your consideration.

  6. Why am I getting renewal notices when I have already sent the check and it has been cached? Now you are threatening to cut off my gift subscription and do not even include a phone number for me to call!!!


    THANK YOU ( She really enjoys your magazine.)

    I am her grandmother, Elizabeth

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