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  1. I was a Discover subscriber for many years. When my son went to college we stopped the membership. For the last several weeks customer service representative keep calling to discuss the subscription. I explained that we no longer receive the magazine and have not for several years. Last week a women called and promptly hung up after my explanation. Yesterday a man called and wanted to talk to my son about paying the subscription bill. I explained again that we have not subscribed for several years. He insisted on speaking to my son. I told him he was away at school and explained again that my son has not received any magazines. He then told me to go back to the country I came from! I told him I was born in this country. Discover- I suggest you listen to the conversations that your employees are having with your customers existing or otherwise. Although I miss reading your magazine. I will always remain a previous customer as I WILL NEVER subscribe to Discover ever again. I am sorry that this country that I was born in have ignorant people like him. Obviously he doesn’t know his American history. For him to be so hostile towards someone he thinks is a foreigner, is ironic. Unless he is a Native American if I were him I would keep my mouth shut.

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