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  1. It is my understanding per Customer Rep. Valerie I.D. #37R that the account 8255909843925311 is to discontinued as of 07-18-18 and that a return box will be received by me within the next 15 days or less and that this account will no longer be considered as PAUSED and that shipping charges (for handling) will be appx $15 and that this account will not be subject to any further billing increases (for program packages)because of a paused condition instead of my intention of discontinuing said account as of 05-06-18. Gary Kinkade.

    Any further telephone calls to a Dish Network customer rep. because of misrepresentation by a customer rep. from the past will be recorded via telephone….Thank You

    1. I am very upset about the thought of losing my local stations and will look to another network if this happens, thank you

  2. I foolishly decided I was being ripped beyond anything by Comcast regardless of the fact that almost everytime they were going to raise my triple play program they,after telling the retention dept. my disability problems,money etc they left the price I was paying go on and after 7 years I was only paying $29 more dollars a month for the basic price. This was not including the many rises in price they nailed me for HD,boxes etc

    I had a Dish installer come to my apt. complex and proceeded to engage me in the biggest service mistake I have ever made in my life. The crux of the disgraceful mess Dish calls their satellite service was the omission of the fact that I can only get HD in one room and the rest with HD tvs are old single mode service.I was beyond angry at that!!Then the problem with my second TV’s reception brought a service man to my house who had to spend about 20 minutes do to the program what could not be done for me on the phone prior to his coming to my home.Then he tells me “Wave you remote towards your dish for the easiest time putting your tv on.” I was absolutely disgusted but not yet sickened further –there is more! I had to go to the VA hospital a number of bloody times since I have had this pitiful satellite but my daughter has been living with me .I was talking to her after a couple of weeks of having this Dish when she tells me that in the morning it takes anywhere from 3 hours to 4 hours to be able to change the channels with the remote!! I told her to call Dish and blast them into getting somebody out to explain why one has to not only wave a remote in the morning towards a bloody idiot satellite dish but has to WAIT up to 4 hours until being able to change channels. She is not a person who likes complaining or being in any way in a confrontation.I however when drinking after coming home from Vietnam would not hesitate to shoot televisions ,throw them out windows a la Led Zeppelin -do whatever felt good with non-working machines which unfortunately spilled over after 30 years of hard drinking and loss of everything dear or not into physical abuse which was legally was not acceptable – it was die or get sober.I chose the latter which is why I am writing this I guess ,for me and not for Dish customers. However, I have just spent two mornings waiting 4 hours to change the channel and to make matters worse I have then when finally being able to do it I have had the numbers get garbled and the channel I wanted becomes a warning in blue that I cannot get off my screen unless I disconnect the power cord and go to a whole new programming and this morning my worse nightmare- the channel I get in error has become a package they want to charge me extra for I do not want and I could NOT get off the screen. I again have to disconnect. I am now going to call the jerks and after venting to somebody tell them the above and because I am not drinking I will not get the box and the remotes and the dish and destroy them .Anyone-this company DISH is like somebody just discovered satellite TV and it is being run out of a garage with a lemonade stand along side which is more efficient . DO NOT make the mistake of changing to DISH they are a disgraceful bit of business. Lastly, I know as the service man told me when I told him that with COMCAST I never had to worry if I was going to get the TV on in the morning or have to wave my remote in the air or wait hours to change the channel. He then told me that it was like picking poison with the three companies which includes DISH_—then the ultimate irony,he tells me he had installed COMCAST in my house 7 years earlier .He then tells me he had taken a sabbatical to be a dealer in RENO -I never asked him what he had been dealing.THE END?

  3. I do not hear very well, and cannot understand the East Indian who is working tech support by reading off a script of questions. A service call is $95.00. The last time I had this problem I got an American and the problem was solved, because I could understand her, and she could understand me. I am going to try later and hope for someone from this side of the Atlantic.

  4. Dish took my $60 dollars and did not return it to me. The card I put it on was cancel and it was told thos to to corperate. They told me to look for a check in the mail 6 months ago. I have noy got my mo ey back yet. Also as soon as I gave the card number to them. It hit the net and my card company called immediately and canceled that card. I am still looking for my money. I donot have your equipmement and I want my money back. I have the right to cjange my mind about who I get. Please send me my money! In a check / mattie mckennis in Mississippi

  5. Dish Network is the worst!!! They have Caused so much Stress our life, They are true SCAM ARTISTS!!! FYI,If you Sign up with dish network Make sure to stock up on blood pressure medication and tylenol. Also plan on paying “LOTS” of “MONEY” you have never intended on spending for dish network and watch your bank account Dwindle Away too nothing. They give you “BROKEN NEW EQUIPMENT” that your stuck with unless you pay for it not Dish Network. Over charge your account and go through hell getting anything Refunded back,”LIE” to you and Feed you a bunch of crap so you think they are giving you a good deal and next month find out your being charged for those channels they gave you for free because of their screw up and wont give any money back or have no record of what your even talking about.They are Rude and threatening towards people.they tell you to pay money you dont owe or your going into collection. They have hung up the phone more than once purposely after over an hour of waiting because your right and they are lost for words. They Steal from so many good hard working honest people.It makes me SICK!!! So Please if you want to find out for yourself sign with dish network so i can see more of over 4,000 complaints including mine posted on the internet. GOOD LUCK!!! And Screw you Dish Network in the worst of ways!!!

  6. Dish network no longer has any channels worth a dollar a month but charges a hundred I for one will be shopping for something better am sick and tired of paying for shopping channels pure junk.

  7. I just love it when you talk to one representitive and then another when it comes to upgrading equipment and no fees or fees depending on who you talk to. I have been a customer for 8 1/2 years and I have had enough.

  8. I am no longer getting one of the major channels. I get some excuse of it cost too much. I’m going to start shopping around real soon. Oh yea, It’s my favorite channel!!! Bring it back or lose me as a customer…

  9. The tv part of dish network is superb to all other tv providers out there.

    but the only problem im having is that they say you can get internet service

    anywhere but when I called they told me its not in my area. I called twice and they told me the same thing

  10. Don’t bother calling DISH for service problems. All they do is try to UPGRADE you into new equipment. They won’t FIX your equipment, they will try to sell you new stuff at extra charges. They told me they don’t make the 922 or 722 equipment they put in less than a year ago. Now they want me to buy the HOPPER and JOEYs. They can put all that down the hopper in my opinion.

  11. I was over charged on my dish bill I called customer service and the service rep. worked

    every thing out we went over my billing and I had no problems with this company actually if they were more rep’s like the one who helped me i’m sure they would be less dis-satisfied customers. He knew how to take care of the problem his phone manners were exceptional Dish I give you a above average rating!

  12. I am being charged for equipment that was returned over two months ago. I have talked with customer service specialist twice and am still got a bill for $75 for equipment that has already been returned. I was just on the phone, on hold for 15 minutes and was cut off! I am so ready to go with another company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I have been trying since mid April to get somebody to give me an address to ship

    the equipment back. All I get is recorded phone calls threatening to charge an ungodly

    amount to my account for not sending the equipment back. Is there anyone in the company with enough smarts to just send me an address.


    1875 Angela Dr

    Oerlando,Fl 32817


  14. Dish Network is the worse company I have ever dealt with. Anyone even thinking of signing up with them…..BEWARE!!!!! THEY CAN’T GET ANYTHING RIGHT!!! NOT EVEN A MAILING ADDRESS.


  15. I applied for a job as a Installer in Weslaco, Texas and everything went well until my background check I had my license suspended because of a Surcharge I didn’t even know I had, I got denied employment because of this. I paid it off and now my license is not suspended I have called, emailed, and left voicemails to the recruiter to let her know that I did so but no response. I would like to know who can I contact so I can be reconsidered for employment I have reapplied for the position since it has yet to be filled. Can I please get help with this

  16. I have not received the boxes to return my equipment. Account #8255909677150408

    I have tried 1-888-236-2202 and 1-800-333-3474 to speak to a representative but no option was given for customer service.

    I need to know the amount final bill for cancellation fees. I requested a paper bill when I cancelled my services. If I had not been treated poorly when I contacted customer service back in January, I would not have cancelled my service.

  17. My mother Della tedford order two residents of service, she used her debit and my because she was on my checking account some how the put the bill one in della tedford and one in orpha tedford name last four 2997 My mother has been decease for two years I hve been trying for two years to get them to correct this problem I didn’t authorize it and I didn’t sign any paper work and the see where this is della account I want this cleared up on my credit report and the bill to be taken care of thank you

  18. In my area FOX network is blocked for months. No resolution as to their contract disputes. But we still have to pay for service we dont get

  19. This was happening to me too!! Every month after I made a complaint my bill would change charged me for “movies” when I didnt even have internet to rent them with…. I ended up talking to a supervisior after I had a rude DUMB customer service person and ever since I talked to him and told him if it didnt stop I was going to contact BBB it has stopped and he lowered my bill that month.

  20. I am in the same situation I purchesed a home but trees all around the area I live in. Since I do not own the land I can not cut down the trees and Dish still will charge me for a termination fee.

    Lewis 12/20/12

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