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  1. i bought ny 8245 a few years ago,a few of crystal on watch band was lost. how can replace the band or crystal?how much?

  2. hi i have a ny3366 watch and like hannah i have also lost stones out of the strap 9 to be precise very dissappointed as this was a birhtday present, do dynk replace these if so how much does this cost?

  3. 17/08/12

    i purchased dkny watch NY 4652 for my friend. She really loves the watch and wears it all the time. Sadly one of the stones has been lost from the bracelet and she is really upset.Can you send me a replacement and perhaps a couple of spares just in case ( or advise me of a local stockist in the liverpool area ).I can fit the stone myself since some years ago i used to make jewellery and it seems unnecessary to send the watch to yourselves when i can fit the stone myself. I’m quite prepared to meet any costs incurred i just so hope you can help in this matter Many thanks

    Mr m j connolly 8 witham close bootle merseyside L30 7RH

  4. Hi, I have had my DKNY watch for a couple of years and it has stopped working. It is such a quality watch and I would love to get it repaired? Is there somewhere is Australia that can do this for me? Cheers, Kate

  5. Hi I am desperate to have my DKNY NY4628 watch repaired as one the stones has fallen out. I love the watch and it was a present. Please could you advise me where I can get the stone replaced as at present I can no longer wear it and feel lost without it.

    Many Thanks


  6. To whom it may concern and I would hope it would! grin 🙂

    I purchased the dkny “NEW” watch, called: Large-round-clear-rocky-

    silver-bracelet-crystal-set-watch, WOW it is beautiful for sure!!

    “Purchased @ Yes, I have called them! No more watches to be found-”

    Upon opening the box and glancing the crystal face

    and BTW it has a plastic protector over it, to avoid scratching!! I noticed

    scratches, Yes several and that is before removing plastic, between the 2 and 3 numerals.

    I removed the plastic and whala the scratches were and are underneath

    the crystal face, not on top but underneath!

    Hmm must of been a tool issue when they assembled

    this watch?? Regardless what has happened to quality control??

    I am near blind wearing bi-focals and I noticed scratches with

    the plastic protector intact??? OK, I love the watch and want to keep

    it and found out there are no more to be found??? I collect watches, I have a Gucci

    and I have a Movado, I have a COACH and more. I chose this dkny to add to my collection!

    I would love some kind of response/happy resolve.

    Mind you, even my Gucci was flawed and they appeased me by new exchane and a credit

    towards another purchase.

    Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter…

    To those whom will read this,

    I adore the name brand and I am positive “DKNY” will take care of their customer

    and stand behind their products! Reminder, I love this watch and only want a quick exchange

    and if that cannot be accomplished than perhaps a store credit towards a new dkny purchase???

    while I am able to keep the flawed purchase!

    :^) BTW I purchased this watch through they have no more and do not

    anticipate receiving anymore :^( I have already called them!


    The Watch Lady



  7. Hi,

    I have a ladies bracelet watch with crystal links NY3366, however some of the connecting links are missing and I would like to purchase additional ones to lengthen the strap. Please can you let me know if these can be purchased as I have been searching the internet and cannot find a site that sells them.

    Many thanks


  8. i have an NY-1316 5ATM WATCH and facing a common problem with Leather strap which has worn out. pl advice where to get this replaced in India-Andhrapradesh-Hyderabad. and at what could be the repair cost

  9. I bought two dkny watches on the p and o cruise liner in march where I celebrated my golden wedding anniversary the pin has come away and got lost from the rose gold bracelet which means the bracelet is broken I have tried to get it repaired but my jewlery shop told me it needed to be sent back to you for a new bracelet it is my golden anniversary presant from my husband can you please help me

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