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  1. Just bought strawberries of Dole….took a bite….there were maggots inside of it! Outside of the strawberry looked fine! I’ll be calling Monday about this. That’s disgusting.

  2. My children both of them on different days ate dole mandarin oranges and vomited several times nothing but those oranges. I could not get them to eat food or drink more than small bits of water for 3 days. They have been diagnosed with severe bacterial infections and have awful stomach pains

  3. I just found a large piece of broken glass in the Dole Classic Romaine Salad mix!! Thank God I didn’t swallow it…it looked like an onion because I used ranch dressing…counting my blessings right about now….disgusting!!!!

  4. I bought a box of the mixed fruit and before I even opened it I saw a Hair in it.. That is digusting makes me not want to ever buy any more dole products..

  5. Dole Raisins california seedless

    I open a box of Dole Raisins 1.5oz LOT number 12269CR1

    after eating half the box I looked into it and found a dead caterpillar of sorts…

    and to top it off there was more droppings in there than raisins. I feel like I’m going to vomit…


  6. Vomit! I was EATING the Caesar Lite Kit … and I since I did not add the croutons I was surprised by an almost freeze dried cockroach.

  7. Was making ramen late at night. Boiled the water, dumped the noodles in, put my egg in, opened a brand new bag of dole baby spinach, grabbed like 3 handfuls and dumped it in as well. Covered my snack so the egg would be just right. Poured into bowl, dug in w/ chopsticks and thank goodness first thing I grab and see is a piece of plastic with an ad for a trip to spain. Someone who is less careful could have choked. To the genius who thought it was a good idea to slip small plastic wrappers inside a bag of veggies, rethink your career. To Dole for not responding to me, I’ll just never purchase your brand again. Have a good day 🙂

  8. Opened two bags of salad mix today – Baby Spinach and Tender Garden – the odor was horrible. Dumped the Tender Garden into a bowl – slime was everywhere, dirt particles were in the bottom of the bowl after I threw the salad away. The carrots even had an odd color. I did not even bother looking into the spinach bag – the odor was too horrible. Why don’t you start paying attention to your product and stop giving away prizes and trips. I really don’t want to rate the one star – isn’t there a way to rate 5 negative stars. Dole you should be ashamed of your products.

  9. I bought a big bag of Dole Romaine Lettuce and found a strange looking bug in the bag! So disgusting to think I almost ate that lettuce.

  10. This was the first time I have purchase Dole frozen raspberries. I found so much ice in pkg, tried to dig out as much as I could. By the time the ice melted, I ended up with slush. It also had a funky taste. I am fond of fresh raspberries. So thought I would try frozen. Did I happen to get a bad bag? I would like to try it again.

  11. I opened a can of crushed Dole pineapple today and the pineapple on top was green with a white creamy substance. Towards the bottom of the can it was still yellow pineapple. The date to use by was: Sept. 2015-0456. Also this can was marked Producat of Philippines. I opened another can dated used by Oct.2014 and it was fine. The number on the bad can was D12259/613N3. This was a horrible look at bad pineapple. Whos at fault, USA or Philippines? May I please be reimbursed for my bad pineapple.

  12. I used a can of Dole Crushed Pineapple in my Rosamarina Salad…it had many hard pieces of core from the pineapple. Not a pleasant experience to share with family and friends at my dinner party. I use Brand Names as to avoid this kind of situation. I bought this can of Crushed Pineapple at my local Giant Eagle store in Amherst, OH.

  13. I Would like to send pictures of 2 different “dole Caesar salad” kits! It is a shame the scraps of lettuce in them both! Please send email address where I can forward my pictures.

  14. meron po sana ako irereport na company. here in bulacan isa po syang supermarket. simplicity mini-stop corporation. wala po kasing double pay na natatanggap ang mga empleyado at wala din sila binibgay na consideration sa mga employee nila once na umabsent.parang wala silang pakialam sa karapatan ng mga empleyado. at isa po sa mga yun ay ung holiday salary o ung double pay kpag legal holiday. sana nman po mabigyan action kaya po ako lumapit sa inyo pati po overtime wala din po. at isa pa po dun kpag may emergency absentees hndi nila kino konsider.

    hndi rin sila nagbibigay ng pay slip. salamat po. sna po matugunan nyo ang reklamo ng mga empleyado. wala lang talaga naglalakas ng loob na magsalita.

  15. I just opened a 20 oz can of Dole crushed pineapple in 100% pineapple juice that is dated on bottom of can “best used by Aug 2015.”

    When I opened the can, the entire inside of the can was lined with a black substance, and there were multiple black pieces inside the crushed pineapple.

    I would appreciate receiving a coupon to my e-mail address for a free can of pineapple

    to make up for the one that you packed with this black substances within it.

    Thank you.

  16. I jus bought a dole 12 pack apple crispy from BJs and I ate one not knowing it had mould on the bottom cause I bought it today. Now I’m sitting in the emergency room threwing up. I come to learn that 4 out 12 are mould. Very disappointed and I’ll. You guys will be hearing from me on Monday

  17. Today, Friday Feb. 1, 2013, at Walmart in Fishkill, NY, I picked up a box of Dole Baby Spinach and a bug, yellow with black dots was inside. Yuck

  18. I recently purchases a clamshell of Dole brand red seedless grapes at Costco. I only bought them because they said “No preservatives or additives” on the cardboard strip wrapped around the box. When I removed the cardboard wrap, there was sticker affixed to the clamshell that clearly states, “Preserved with Sulphur Dioxide.” I also noticed that the same was said on the cardboard wrap on the BOTTOM of the box where no one would see it. Oh, wait. Why would you look there when it already says it doesn’t have any preservatives on the TOP of the box? This is shameful. I never buy Dole products because I don’t trust them. Now I have evidence to back up my suspicions. People are allergic to sulphur dioxide. Is Dole trying to be intentionally misleading or just ridiculously inept when it comes to their labeling?

  19. I am currently working with the city of Bullhead City teaching a class on how to use coupons. The class is thought 3-4 times a month with class size from 15-20 people. I was wondering if it would be possible to some coupons for your products to distribute to the class. If you need verification of validity of the class it can be found on the website for Bullhead City.

    ** Note this is flyer from November when Butterball provided a $10 coupon for each class attendee. ** You may contact the # on the flyer for verbal verification from the City if needed. Feel free to contact me at the information provided

  20. Dear Dole,

    I would like a response/compensation to/for my experience. I just found a foreign object in my fruit cup. I have pictures to show. It looks like it could be an insect part if I had to take a guess. I am so disgusted!

  21. Very disappointed to find The Dole peaches are a product of China. i thought we grew peaches in Georgia!! And Michigan, too!

    I think I will start going to the Farmer’s Market from now on!!!

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