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  1. Where can you buy Infectguard … hand santizer in my area of Waco, TX , Hewitt, Tx , Temple, Tx ??

    I have researched Walgreen’s , CVS, Walmart and Target and they do not carry the product. Was purchasing it at Dollar General stores but they don’t have it any longer in my area or when traveling into other areas.

    Thank you

    Dorothy Thomas

  2. My son thinks that your Spider-Man bubble bath just doesn’t cut it when it comes to being bubbly, He thinks that if you made a Black Spider Man bubble bath it would make big bubbles and be way better.


  3. I enjoy your Reach toothbrushes but thry are never in stock at Walgreens for the multi pack. I have recently gotten 2 rainchecks to purchase when they are in stock for sale price of $2.99 but I am not able to find them.

  4. bonsoir j ai acheté une brosse a dents électrique sais une turbo junior dr fresh kids a ma fille mais le souci sais que je ne trouve pas les téte de la brosse a dents pouvez m aidé svp?

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