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  1. My grown son, my wife, and I were faithful Drop Box users. You’ve dropped the box and the ball on customer service, divided formats, and lack of communication. Sad to see a good thing gone bad.

  2. There is no identifiable place in their web formatted business to ask a simple question such as: “Why when I delete pictures from my drop box downloads does dropbox not recognize that I’ve done this and free up storage space, neither is there a phone number to ask this question, nor a live person to ask it of.

    I appreciate the perspective that dropbox must have that if they give something like space away for free they can then charge you for more space when you want to up-load more pictures but I do not appreciate the wrong business practice of not freeing up space when a user wants to manage their own files and not pay an exorbitant amount to do so. This is too much like usury and does not endear me to them.

  3. Dropbox customer and sales service is horrible and/or non-existent. I don’t get it. They don’t have a phone number to get to a live person, it simply sends you back to the search and try to find online help center. No one ever came on to the live chat box that popped up for either sales or support. I couldn’t even upgrade my account with a live telephone or chat person. This was the point that I realized there may be serious questions about using Dropbox for such important files. I can’t even talk to someone to pay for telephone support, if they have that option.

  4. I am automatically billed $105 via my credit card but have not used their service and do not intend to, and since I can’t get ahold of anyone to cancel my account, what a scam company!

  5. That Dropbox does not have a customer service phone number is extremely annoying. They don’t respond to their emails either, not that any company does, but you need a phone number to help with account issues. This is why Apple is the biggest company in the world, and dropbox will never grow beyond it’s current scope.

  6. As noted above Dropbox does not have service nor do their replies help with such things as 404 error code

    I am a paid subscriber and they really have not given me the support that I would expect as the bare minimum so that I can actually use the product I am paying for

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