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157 Replies to “Drudge Report Contact”

  1. Ditto … IPhone & lPad compromised by pop ups. Screen freeze follows. Ads use subtrafuge of affiliation with Apple, Bright House Network, etc as hook.

    Have used Drudge for years but will not open site again until this is fixed.

  2. I’ll second Brandon’s post. It conveys perfectly my complaint about the recent, annoying re-booting.every minute of two.. PLEASE correct this!

  3. Why do you even post? Your fourth sentence renders your whole post just as much hypocritical hate garbage as you acuse others of being.

  4. The Democrats are claiming no Obamacare penalty is being collected for the year 2013 taxes, but my stepson who is in college and has a part time job had the fine deducted from his tax refund. I bet you will find he is not the only person to have this happen.

  5. Public School gives ‘Special Consideration’ to Non-Christians !

    As pointed out by EAG, page 22 of the contract states:

    Should there be two (2) or more of these applicants with equal qualifications for the position and one (1) or more of these applicants with equal qualifications is a current employee, the current employee with the greatest seniority shall be assigned.Special consideration shall be given to women and/or minority defined as: Native American, Asian American, Latino, African American and those of the non-Christian faith. However, in all appointments to vacant positions, the Board’s decision shall be final.

  6. Without a Trace

    not cute at all.


    it is called respect.

    never thought I would see this on DrudgeReport

    Sad and shameful

  7. You’re not updating the webpage nearly as often as you used to. Breitbart is far outdistancing you in terms of freshness. It makes a difference in the site to which I go first.

  8. Wish you didn’t include mainstream media article requiring a subscription to read. I’m nit about to subscribe to the Wash Post or NY Times but have to click on the article to find the source.

  9. Dear Drudge, you have been my go to for accurate news for many years. During the past month, when I click on topics, my computer gets jammed. I try it on my iPad and the same thing happens. It doesn’t matter what time of day. Now, when I go to my favorites list to click on to your site, a message comes up notifying me that your website is not available and then gives a suggestion list that I “might enjoy”-MSNBC, CNN,BING, YOUTUBE.

    Just seems weird.

    Thank you for your great coverage.

  10. First of all, someone is fiddling with your site. I tried to type this tip ten times, and nothing worked.

    PLEASE report on the new book by James Patterson entitled Filthy Rich, which reports on Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades with Jeffrey Epstein in 2001 and 2003. Clinton flew over ten times with Epstein on Epstein’s jet, the Lolita Express, to an island owned by Epstein. There they had sex with underage girls and who knows which others. THIS MUST BE REPORTED TO THE PUBLIC. THE CLINTONS ARE ANIMALS. PLEASE DO SO.

  11. After viewing Drudge report for over 5 years I have decided to find alternative aggregators that post a well rounded perspective of articles instead of the propagandist skewed articles that Matt Drudge has been posting. A good aggregator does not interject their opinion into the feed as Matt does. It seems to me that Matt Drudge is punch drunk with his fame and has followed suit behind Alex Jones to be outrageous with the conspiracy theories and skewed articles. For example recently Trump got caught talking dirty Drudge trots out Bill Clintons misdeeds totally disregarding that at the time that Bill was on the hot seat Trump was saying how all the accusers were nasty people and very unattractive. He also stated that he loved Clinton he was a great president and great for business. So where is this with the feed? It isn’t because Drudge Report isn’t on the up and up they are an entity that should not be trusted for anything it is a skewed propagandist site for the alt right. Drudge report is just as bad as the criminals in charge and is part of the problem. Shame on you Matt Drudge I look forward to the day that you no longer have a web site.

  12. I have used Drudge for the majority of my news. This is ending, I cannot read a story without an add blairing out. Good by to what use to be a good source for news.

  13. I am suddenly having trouble scrolling on your page. It is being covered by an add. The Add is in the way and I can’t access the bottom half of you page.

  14. Please eliminate all posts to your site that require a subscription in order to read articles. It’s frustrating to read a headline and want to read the article but have to subscribe in order to do so. Irritating. New York Times is especially bad at this.

  15. There’s something wrong with the website. It comes up just fine but won’t let you navigate around it. It jumps around a lot.

  16. Is Drudge Paid for the amount of data usage forced on the viewer by the constant refreshing of there information?

    the report refreshes around every two minutes and does not return to the location at which the viewer was interrupted. I use to read the drudge report first thing every morning. Now I read other news providers first and

    drudge report once in a while.

  17. Hello. I am a truth seeker.

    I enjoy your news blog however, it has become increasingly obvious that you too are for the agenda against humanity.

    I know the controllers are trying to use disease to start martial law. You verify it for me everyday.

    Today, July 31, 2014 you published 22 stories directly to do with ‘coming to get you’ diseases. PPPleasee….

    Also, how disgusting is it that you publish the lying Israel side of the story way more often than of Palestine.

    The Drudge Report….Bought and sold to you by your local Zionists.

  18. 9-1-16 Drudge Report . . .

    Why when I click on – “FBI found extensive evidence Clinton violated federal records laws . . . developing” the article does not come up?????

    Rod Black

  19. Gentlemen,

    I really used to enjoy the “report” back when it had a refresh button that I could activate. Now with the auto refresh I can not even get through all 3 columns…even skim reading fast! before it refreshes.

    When I do find an article I want to read, the page refreshes in the middle of loading the article.

    Admittedly, my internet provider is not the fastest ( I am on Hughes Net in Mexico) but browsing the web, I have noticed a BUNCH of other people with the same problem/frustration.

    I read some instructions on the web on how to disable this feature…had something to do with Java. But there were also caveats that said messing with Java hoses other computer features as well.

    As much as I hate it, I am almost (others as well) to the point of just skipping the frustration and giving up on a previously much enjoyed site.


  20. I enjoy the Drudge Report but I rarely read it. Your layout is so crowded and jammed up that it takes a long time to even read what topics you have covered. You need to weed out some of the articles and concentrate on those which have the most meaning. Look at your competitors to see what I mean.

  21. The drudgereport.com of 02May14 article entitled ” Peace Corps workers used Federal Debit Cards for personal gadgets,cell bills,hair dressers … ” is incorrectly titled by

    dredgereport. The referred to article published 01May14 by The Washington Times is on

    the subject of the Jobs Corps. Read the article. The Job Corps and the Peace Corps are two totally separate entities. Job Corps is under the Labor Department. Peace Corps is under State Department. Job Corps is domestic USA. No Federal Debit Cards are issued to Peace Corps Volunteers, whose service is in under-developed countries.

    This is from a former Peace Corps Volunteer.

  22. In many people’s opinion the media political bias and political distorting of the facts by the news media, their producers and writers are destroying America and is pure propaganda, to keep the establishment powerful in control of the America people and separate them from their hard earned money, to enrich themselves.

    Many Americas are now calling for the boycott, to effect the pocketbook of all bias and fact destroying media outlets and their corporate sponsors products and political power brokers, which effect the tax payers pocketbook. The effecting negatively the revenue and income of the media and their sponsors, is the only way many people feel is to save America, the national treasure and the America people’s pocketbook. Boycotting the politically bias media and their sponsors, which espouse bias views and continue to try to control public opinion, while picking of the pockets of the of the ordinary tax paying American citizen, is the only power the American people have to correct the political and corporate propaganda and mis-justice direct toward the America people. Public ally boycott and denounce all media channels and celebrities that espouse bias and false claims that are misleading the American people, so unbiased and accurate info is provided the people so they can make a informed and good decision about our children’s future. Anyone that espouses untrue and false information is not your friend and is a just a lier typically for their own personal gain in most instances.

    If you agree join the growing American people’s grassroots movement, to stop corporate and media bias, attempting to control the American citizens for their own personal benefit. Find alternate sources for your news, information where the info is unbiased and accurate. Do your part, by writing your local and national government officials, and demand “fair and balanced” reporting and by boycotting the bias and misleading media, their corporate sponsors products. It is imperative that the American people hold accountable the press, media and government officials both using our purchasing power and at the ballot box those that fail to provide and deliver “fair and unbiased” reporting of the news, reporting data and facts. Support the movement and do your part by sharing with others and forwarding to your friends and family.

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