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157 Replies to “Drudge Report Contact”

  1. The past few days We have not been able to view the drudgereport.com website below the main headline article. The page does not fully load. Any ideas to correct?

  2. We’ve been having alot of trouble lately with the “whole” Drudge Report not loading; when we click on drudgereport.com only the top story & picture comes up — sometimes if you try over and over if you’re lucky the bottom stories will eventually load or you just have to try hours later again. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Thank you!

  3. Drudgereport is reloading so much I cannot really use it much anymore. How do I stop all the reloads. No problems except this site. I am about to stop using it, since it takes forever to reload. It is getting worse. What is going on? Seems to be even worse as of late. Been on here for years and years. Somethng is wrong with your site.

  4. Wednesday aug.1,2012. Granbury, Texas. Chick-Fil-A. Went by about 12:30. So crowded we could not get in…..came back at 2:00 lines still winding thru store, but we were able to order. Outside a huge semi truck unloading extra food supplies. Life is GREAT in GRANBURY, TEXAS. Hey Rahn Emanual……THESE ARE GRANBURY VALUES!!!!!!!!!

  5. 7-27-2012

    This morning I pulled up the Drudge report as I do each morning to get accurate unfiltered new, or so I thought. Theres was a story from channel 4 news from Salt Lake City re; a man carrying a concealed weapon stopping an attack by a knife wielding subject who stabbed two individuals in a super market. I told my wife about it and minutes later i again accessed The Drudge Report to let her see the you tube on the story and it had been taken off.

    I thought The Drudge Report was not a Liberal news report, but it would appear that this story did not fit the politically correct agenda

    that all persons who are licensed to carry are deranged psychos who carry guns only to commit mass murder. In this case as in many others many lives were possibly saved by this man who was carrying a concealed weapon.


  6. What happened to the download speed? It takes minutes from any computer I can access to load the page. The rest of the pages I go to daily load in a second. Drudge = tired turtle speed.

  7. dodd/frank

    John Dennehy

    12:07 PM (1 hour ago)

    to TERRY, bcc: Jr


    I just found out that romney wants to gut dodd frank, outstanding. dodd/frank is like putting out the fire after the barn has burned down.

    The current administration has already gutted an entire industry. Now they want to throw trillions of dollars down a black hole, just because. This is just plain stupid. Can you imagine how many trillions of dollars have already been pulled out of our economy as a result of this real estate fiasco.

    The blame lands squarely in the government laps for this one. sarbane oxley accounting rule change in 2003 set the table with mark to market. (This was a Ron Paul platform, get rid of accounting rule. His statement is 100% true.)

    Allowing foreclosures to fester and not be completed, prolonged our agony. Also, changes at fannie, freddie mandated by the government and an opening up of FHA guidelines. CRA forcing lenders to lend to people who have not payed a bill on time in the lives. I mean come on, how inane is that. I could go on and on.

    And we elected a street organizer and the original designer of this fiasco(cra) !!! You cannot have a college professor run a country. Everything they ever did in a classroom was theoretical. Not in the real world. Elizabeth Warren is a classic example.

    Do you know the cfpb has job ads out there for auditors paying anywhere from 75,000 to 150,000 per year. I ought to go sign up,(not),. Again who pays for it, the consumer through surcharges mandated by the cfpb.

    The cfpb which is a result of dodd frank, wants to add surcharge on all loans to pay for all consumer finance protection bureau’s activities. So who takes it in the shorts, the consumer with higher loans costs.

    All loan officers are licensed with the state and federal government(redundant !!!),. The state is broke by 13 billion dollars. I know how they can save some money, shut down the IDFPR, which is the Illinois department of financial and professional regulation.

    The federal side of loan officer compliance is NMLS(national mortgage licensing system),. This is all part of dodd frank. All the bad acts in lending left because they didn’t want the testing and scrutiny. Good, but that has been completed. Lets move on.

    The government is wasting billions of dollars on a futile exercise resulting from dodd frank. This is a major expose just waiting for some journalist to get a Pulitzer prize from…

    I know in the suntimes, this attitude would not be a politically correct. But that does not make it any less valid.

    Irresponsibility is not just rampant in jp morgan chase. It is not a reason to have dodd frank. The loss was a reflection of free enterprise.

    John Dennehy Sr

    Integrity 1st Mortgage

    8505 w 183rd street

    suite e

    tinley park Il 60487

    How come I never seen any talk about Mr. Romney’s stance on Dodd Frank. Is this not vitally important to our economy ??? No news about a street organizer and his cronies repeating the liberal fiasco they created in Illinois with Mr. Madigan and the IDFPR… I read you guys twice daily. I am a little taken aback by this omission.

  8. I too am having this no connect problem. I am using Windows XP on a slow dial-up connection (24K), I use IE8 for a browser. I have been viewing Drudge for many years now and never have had a problem.

    What is happening is: When I open a icon to connect to Drudge, the IE8 window appears to be connecting, I see the IP address in the status bar, I then see “connecting to http://www.drudgereport.com there also and then it errors out and says “error on page” and then stops connecting.

    Refreshing the page does not help.

    Then if I close the browser window and then reopen it, I can usually connect. I can read the page until Drudge refreshes, about every 5 minutes or so, then the new load of your site just errors out and I have to start over again. This behavior started about 2 weeks ago and nothing I can do has changed it.

    I have completely uninstalled IE8, removed all registry entries also, reinstalled IE8 and there is no change in behavior. I have default cookie handling, turned off pop up blocker, disabled my HOST file, and on and on but nothing works. I have turned off my anti-virus (Microsoft Security Essentials) and that does not change behavior.

    If anyone can find a fix for this, would appreciate knowing what you have done.

  9. Investigation will uncover the fact that obama was basically forced to OK the military advice to kill Bin Laden. When Gen. Petreus (spell check) took command he and others basically told obama that he needed to “back them up”. obama’s internal problems with the previous command was the fact that he wasn’t supporting them.

    One of these Generals will talk if approached I’m sure.

  10. I also have been unable to open the Drudgereport for about a week. It references an error – 800a03e8 (which refers to URL adserver.adtechus.com)and presents a blank screen. i’ve tried deleting cookies, re-installing adobe flash player and macromedia player just to try something, but no luck. THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING – how do i fix this?

  11. Your website use to be the best.

    You used this to maximize profit from ads.

    The ad technology you use is flawed and page does not load.

    Now your website sucks.

    The end of Drudge.

  12. I can not get the DR to open. I have even loaded Google Chrome to try- but no luck. I use windows 7, windows on a pc. I removed cookeis, etc. But, still no luck! This has been going on for about a week now.

  13. I am getting frustrated that sometimes on the Drudge Report when I try to open an article I get an advertisement and cannot get the article. How can I stop this happening other than not reading Drudge Report?

  14. The drudge report is running a smear campaign on Rick Santorum. It’s obvious that you want Romney to win the nomination. Just give the news please. We are done with the drudgery.

  15. I would have NEVER believed it but IT MUST be true. Everytime I check The Drudge Report, I REALIZE how ONE SIDED and ONE DIMENSONIAL “The Drudge Report” has become. I used to laugh at the Distorted Pictures of some of our Infamous politicians as I KNEW that the Distrotions were INTENTIONAL so as to have visitors to the site be REPULSED by them. What I am hearing about The Drudge Report DELIBERATLY placing DISTORTED NEWS REPORTS concerning Newt Gingrich is SICKENING to say the LEAST. Newt is right concerning the populace GROWING WEARY of SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS. We are EXTREMELY WEARY, Matt, of YOUR DELIBERATE siding with Romney. It appears that YOUR ORGANIZATION has been PAID off or some type of COMPENSATION was gained through YOUR PROMOTION OF ROMNEY. Shame on you and YOUR ORGANIZATION!!! HOW can I ever trust you for RELIABEL INFORMATION AGAIN? I will tell FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS and RELATIVES to DISREGARD YOUR SITE as you are “in the tank” for Romney, “The Massachusetts Moderate” or POSSIBLY a RINO.

  16. I am disappointed in your commitment to the establishment GOP. Newt is certainly a fallen human, but compared to Romney, much closer to Reagan as a conservative (and I’m of age to know). I will do my best to avoid your site in the future! You have a very useful product, but exercised judgement I cannot support! You have been quite unfair regarding Newt’s record as as compared to Romney. May your future be paved with your intentions.


    Richard Diaz

  17. Drudge does not open on my computer for the past week or so. How do I fix this. I have never experienced this with any other website.

  18. I’m interested in getting my content and / or links up on drudge — from Rodale — publishers of Men’s Health, Prevention, Women’s Health, Runner’s World, BIcycling and Organic gardening. Who can I reach out to at Drudge to make this happen?

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