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157 Replies to “Drudge Report Contact”

  1. Love the great job Drudge Report is doing, with one exception: Featuring a story that we can’t access to read. These links to sources such as Financial Times, that black out the headlined articles featured on Drudge Report are a great frustration, and my irritation is unfortunately directed at Drudge Report. Will my complaint change Drudge Report’s policy in this matter? Nooo, but I understand, because these articles are actually ads planted as legitimate, accessible, news, which they are not. But, I know, DR really does need the revenue.

  2. What happened to the big headline this morning “Sainthood” in reference to John Paul II’s approved canonization? It was there for a good 2 hours this morning (July 5th) along with a headline for the new encyclical by Pope Francis. All I can find now is the link for the encyclical, and that has been buried well below older headlines. Why has the “Sainthood” one been removed?

  3. msnbc incorrectly reported:

    “The high temperature officially hit 117 degrees at Las Vegas-McCarran International Airport — equaling the airport’s record — …” in article:

    34 sent to hospitals in Las Vegas as record heat parks over West, Southwest,


    The correct official temperature at McCarran international Airport yesterday; Friday, June 28, 2013, was 112F:



  4. Matt

    Quit posting the links to Alex Jones silly ass website it just makes you look like a bloody moron. Some of your stories were always off the wall but there are people that really believe that nut. Other than that I enjoy it 🙂

  5. Sirs, I truly love the Drudge Report, read it every day. Greatest coverage that is around. I only have one problem with the site, and that problem is Disqus. I got tired of trying to leave comments on stories because Dispus kept trying to force me to sign in with them after I signed in with Facebook,Google, and finally I registered with Disqus and now they still want to access my personal data and if I refuse them access they block my access to the Drudge Report and knock me off the site. If you cannot get them under control you are going to lose alot of readers and supporters. Please get them under control before some one else has to.

  6. I have the same problem. Most other sites open quickly, but for some reason known only to the trolls of the internet, Drudge is somehow slowed. by its simple design, it should be the easiest, therfore, the quickest to load. What gives?

  7. Drudge report is my first news source, or was until your links starting going to entirely different news sources where you have to search for the link you wanted and end up with something you have to sign up (and probably pay) for. Also get far to many pop ups, some that you have to quite Drudge to get rid of.


  8. The drudge report has been drudged from the belly of the worst crap on earth. You guys are the worst amplifiers of hatred. Pictures of Hitler with a child? What a bunch of craping jack offs you guys are. Want to curb my 1st Amendment rights? Sorry…..

  9. I enjoy the Drudge Report and links, but I truly believe you need to have someone work on your report site. I continue to have problems with the site shutting down or blocking my attempt to read some articles. Once the site blanks out, I have to completely re-enter the site or it automatically blanks out and sends me back to the the beginning of the report. I do not have this problem when using other search engines for articles.

  10. I used to read the drudgereport every day but for the past month, I am unable to bring it up on my home computer. I can access any other site, just not the drudgereport. Can anybody out there tell me why it is being blocked. It does not bring up an error, it just does not load.

  11. The Drudge Report has become one of the biggest problems in this country. It’s content is full nasty commentary and angry links. How about being part of the solution to uniting people in this country instead of an outlet trying to divide us. Nothing but negative negative negative content. You feel dirty once you leave the site.

  12. My nephew attends Cornell University and he registered well before the October 12th deadline. He submitted a completed form to a Democratic registration booth having an registration event at the college and when he went to vote yesterday at the university – he was told he could not vote. There was nothing in his name that he had registered. They then told him he would have to fight it in a court. He was also told that he was not the only person who came in to vote & was denied. I called the University they could not help… the Thompson County Voters registration board telling me that they have not received forms for him , League of Women’s Voters gave me a phone number for voters suppression which did not answer. – ALL TO NO AVAIL.


    My nephew was excited to vote for the first time & I had made sure he did the right things so he could – Only to be refused to his vote. I know New York is an extremely liberal state but that does not stop me from casting a vote, as is my right, and it should have not allowed my nephew to be denied his right.

    One more fact…I had my elderly mother re-register to the republican party this year…but when we received notification of a change in our poling building, I was registered as republican but she was not…. Something smells in Denmark…(or should I say the White House)

    And where were those early voting ballots held…Why couldn’t the military vote. Where were the absentee ballots held.

  13. Drudge, I took you off my homepage because for some reason all the site does is bash Obama and post republican leaning polls. I use to love the page because of good news and a great layout. With this change in your site you lost me as a viewer and Im sure others who arent extreme republicans. Drudge, balance out the politics or your site will go down with the new republican party.

    , A Reasonable Independent

  14. What if Obama wins but the GOP regains the Senate, + Benghazi?

    The President of the United States said, “I told my commanders to do whatever was necessary to get our people in Benghazi.” If that is a fact aka the “truth,” then an actual document exists, stating that Presidential directive. Producing that document, which would have been recorded by the National security Agency, if in fact it does exist, would not require an investigation; it would simply require the President to release it.

    If it does in fact exist as he claims it does, that would mean that his top brass refused to act on a direct order of the President. That would mean one or several members of the Joint Chiefs, and necessarily other top military officers are heading to a court martial.

    If however the “directive” does not exist, the President is heading for impeachment. If we learn after the election that the directive “does not exist,” Obama will be forced step down with a guaranty of a pardon to be granted by President Biden which also means Speaker Boehner will automatically ascend to the Vice Presidency and the House will elect a new speaker.

    The 2013 US Government: President Biden to set the agenda – Vice President Boehner to preside as President of the Senate – Republican Eric Cantor as Speaker of the House to set the agenda – Republican Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader to set the agenda.


  15. You win the prize for “Most One-sided News Reporting.” Your coverage is more akin to propoganda and twisted “truth”. During the last few months it has reached a crescendo regarding right-wing nonsense. Adios to your foolish, one-sided “News” Site.

  16. I consider the Drudge Report to be on a par with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity

    So I figure the information provided the same way Limbaugh and Hannity provide their

    news?. Biased and inaccurate.

  17. If you want to see unemployment rates since Obama took office follow the link to the Government Website. Make sure you go back to 2009 when he took office. Keep in Mind that Almost 2 years ago Republican’s took back the house Nov 2010 and stopped Obama’s crazy spending and started to intact strategies to fix unemployment. Since the Republicans took the house Unemployment has slowly declined. Democrats are claiming its all Obama; not at all….

    Don’t believe me look at Jan 2009 to November 2010 – Then Look at 2010 to date….


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