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Email: drudge@drudgereport.com
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157 Replies to “Drudge Report Contact”

  1. Google Chrome won’t open your site and hasn’t for years…since they are the vast majority of browser market share, how long do you think you will be relevant? Talk about censoring content…, why is there no outrage about this by you, Mr. Drudge? Really, it does not make sense for you to be silent… Please respond.

  2. Used to he a huge fan and get my news here. Today is the end of that. The number of clickbait “headlines” that end with a question mark has become ridiculous, and I can no longer tell Drudge from supermarket tabloids. RIP Matt Drudge. You once had an empire.

  3. I am unable to get the Drudge Report on my phone or lap top. Everything else opens right up……started having issues on Saturday night 10/20/18 and into today……

  4. I’ve followed Drudge for years but lately many of the links demand that I drop my ad blocker or submit to extortion to read their articles.

    I’ll do neither and will simply stop using Drudge as my source for news outlets.

  5. I’ve followed Drudge report for many years. The biggest complaint is the quality of the content has gone down significantly. Sex sells is the current motto for Drudge, I don’t need a batch articles about Kardashians, Madonna, sex robots taking over yada yada. Really who gives a crap what people do in the desert at “Burning Man Festival? What is this Rolling Stone Magazine? The next worst things is ransom the newspaper try to extort for reading their article. Typically WP or NYT says “you have X number of articles remaining this month why not subscribe and get great news everyday” and they go grey or fade out after half a paragraph. The hundreds of adds that follow you down as you try to scroll and read. Sux really.

  6. Help! I love Drudge Report – and have read it for years and even used it in class as a teacher – with current events. But I no longer can. There are endless black screen videos that pop up and stay up whenever I click on your site. I think someone out there is sabotaging your viewership, Matt. I’m beyond frustrated.

  7. When you find a way to stop the never ending and impossible to get rid of pop up ads…then I’ll resume trying to read Drudge Report’s. And not before.

  8. Recently as have begun popping up on my device which forced me to have to close a video in order to continue reading Drudge Report. This is so EXYREMELY annoying that I have stopped using Drudge Report. I might be willing to ignore it if it only happened once but it happens CONTINUOUSLY. Please remove these intrusive and annoying ads!!!

  9. The format of your web page is very poorly designed. It’s like reading the direction page on how to contact Obamacare. I start to look at it then delete the page because I don’t want to read 50 headlines to see what’s interesting. I’m not a fan of Huffington content, but look over their cover page. It has an excellent format and you don’t have to read multiple headlines to see what interests you. Succinct and to the point. Otherwise you have a good web site.

  10. To whom it may concern,

    The ad that now blocks reading the news is why I no longer use Drudge Report. If the purpose is to drive people away from your web page, I can tell you it’s a winner. Bye-bye.

  11. I am not going to this site anymore ,,,,,,,,

    the progressive advertisement is a nuisance to anyone just wanting to read an article

    not just one, every single article on drudge has automatically start up .

    annoying ,,,,,,stupid, total nuisance the whole time I am trying to read anything on Drudge

    Goodbye ,

  12. Is this a false report friends have sent me and I also read on google about nukes from Texas arriving in South Caolina and then (Thank God) going into the ocean…FALSE FLAG by Obama to say it was the Syrians to get us into another war and then declare martial law???????? There’s more to the story then I’ve just mentioned….is this a hush hush thing….People NEED to know about this,,,this is TREASON at the highest level possible…

  13. Is it true that the only museum still open in Washington DC during the shutdown is the Newseum? and isn’t it also true that that is the broadcast headquarters for Al Jazeera?

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