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  1. Hello, I have been trying to call your number 1-800 and it will not ring at all.Could you call me at as I want to place a order..Thank -You..Elaine Otvos

  2. order no:03349286537101

    Weirdest this when I got my candy. First piece I picked up the little envelope was empty. The really weird part is that it was never torn open the rapper was completely in tact. I was going to send it to you but cant find address.

  3. order # 03387633215101

    ship date 07/01/2015

    Item Number 30997984550 Jean Nate After Bath Splash Mist, Original 30 fl oz @ $15.99 was not shipped.

    Packing Slip states 0 shipped. However, the price of $15.99 is still included in the total invoice of $57.44

    Please credit my card for this amount since it has not been shipped and there is no indication that it will be

    shipped. Your attention to this matter will be much appreciated

  4. Drugstore.com I ordered 2 duo packs of Sexy Hair Spray and received 2 cans instead of 4. I paid $50.00 for

    2 duo packs. Please send my other 2 packs of hair spray.

    My order number is 60302919558

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