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  1. I am trying to find out if the items I returned actually were returned to the store. Was I given credit for the items? The customerservice@drysdales.com is not of any help. I need to talk to a person not a message telling me to leave a phone number and they will get back to me in a day or two.

  2. I usually buy boots for my grandkids from drysdale’s every Christmas. This Christmas I had to call several times about 2 pair of the boots. I finally got one pair of them, they had promised me that the little boys boots would be here for Christmas since they did have some in a little bigger size. so I said fine send me those as he is a growing boy, but I want them here when I give all the other ones their Christmas boots from grandma. Said they would be. 2 days before Christmas and still no boots or a call to say they weren’t coming . If I hadn’t call them I would have had one disappointed little boy. When I called I was told oh no they have been backordered you won’t be getting then till later in the new year. I said you weren’t going to call me or nothing? I had to go at the last minute and hunt him some locally. Thank goodness I found some. Needless to said I won’t be ordering anymore boots from drysdales.

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