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  1. hi this is rachel cooke and my moms name is marilyn and my dads name is edward and my sisters name bobbieann. and we are from birmingham alabama. we love ya’ll sooooo much !! we love how you stand on GODS WORD ! 😉 😉 JESUS IS LORD!

  2. Keep your heads up and stand proud we support you and the word of god if we can’t have that we have nothing in this country no more I’m behind yaw and if there is anything we can do up here in Mississippi just let us know will stand behind yaw too the end. your show, shows how family and friend values should be we love yaw we are family in Christ it’s time now to show that gods word will be here now and always and that Christians will fight to the end for him just like he did for us. No matter what the cost.

  3. You guys better get out and make a statement and stand behind your dad.

    What u do now is most important. Stand up and speak out for us all and fight till the end.

  4. I praise God for Phil Robertson. What this country needs is more men and women to stand up and speak the truth of the word of God. If God said it then that settles it. Stand strong brother Phil, you have a lot of people and GOD in your corner. God bless the Robertson Family.

  5. Phil my family an the whole duck/goose hunting community from marylands Chesapeake bay love and support you. We are all god fearing people. We want to help you and the show if y’all need it any way we can. Please let us help even if you just need to get out of town, come over to MD and shoot some blue bills with me ( no cameras). God Bless You

    Your friend, Matt Dodge

  6. Dear Willie,

    My name is Amy Morris. I am a Marine wife.

    My husband and I are already married but since he is a marine he had to leave soon so we only got to do a court wedding.

    But, we are going to have a military wedding hopefully in October of 2014. We were going to have it in July of 2014 but my husband is getting sent over seas to Romania in February and won’t be back until September of 2014. But my husband and I would love it if you all could attend our wedding. You can email me your response. My husband and I would gladly appreciate it.


    Mr. & Mrs. Morris

  7. Kay, Tiff, and Bryan will be there on Wednesday for a visit!!!! Hopefully we sill be able to see you guys. We are visiting from Maryland and are in love with the show.

  8. dear wilie i will love to come vist you all for a week end but my funds are not write by the way your mom & dad are the BEST tell jase si corey missy love you all if you can send for m and my wif we will love to come vist and we love to cook like your mom p.s. tell phill we are HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. charles e brooks /EMAIL

  9. I love the show duck dynasty my lil brother has a brother of the beard shirt as long as he has his shirt boots hat and jug of tea he is good to go my aunt I getting married so I was wondering if you guys could go to sandieago califonia jan 4 2014 I wil pay but it has to be a reasonable price but im not worried I know wille and everyone eles arnet money hungry also can you senad me a signed photo with missy kay corey jase si phill willie mtn man john and ect I am 11 yaers old but if you guys have aa facbook my moms on there Elizabeth McDonald my address for the photo is ,road,Jasonville,in please and thank you oh and their will be pay for flying to California love yalls show love braelyn

  10. I will never watch this show agian, after watching Phil slam LGBQ rights, your views are disgusting , and to think how the American people except your “red neck” life style with love and respect. The truth is I’m looking forward to watching one of Phil grandkids come out ! I know one if them is LGBQ and in the closet #

  11. I bought one of your pink tea glasses with duck dynasty on it and the duck dynasty washed off on 1 side and now is sticky, can you tell me how to clean it off so that I don’t stick to it. Thank you and God bless.

  12. I was watching: Duck Commander: Before The Dynasty, on DVD, and I saw Phil making Étouffée. I live in central Texas, and have never had the pleasure of having such an awesome dish! If y’all would, please send me a copy of any kind of Étouffée ( even if it uses dinner sausage) I received the whole series of Duck Dynastry as a Christmas gift from my son- it really picks me up when I’ve had a rough night at work; so, thank you guys! I am a Christian believer as well, and appriciate what y’all are standing for! Again, a big thank you from the heart of Texas! Carl T. Parker- Brownwood,Tx

  13. Hello this is Taylor okay so my friends birthday is May 19 and I was wondering if you can call on Friday on the number to say happy birthday to my best friend thank you this is to willie si jase Phil jep

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