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  1. I was given a durabrand portable DVD player with the extra monitor.

    I am looking at the owner’s manual and I seem to need a dc line cord to connect them together.

    Do you know how I can get this dc line cord?

    Thanks for your time.

    Jason Solomon

  2. “Durabrand blender model 202603 I purchased quite long ago but using now. It was nicely packed and we forgot that we have this !! But just after 10 ten days of usage, it does not work. May be motor or some..I guess

    So, if it does not work where should I get replacement ( I buy from Walmart and receipt is unavailable…) Any idea what to do ? I just wanted to get it replaced and that’s all.

    Thanks a lot in advance

  3. I’m looking to replace an A/C adapter for a 2004 portable DVR Durabrand. Can you help me with this. I can’t find the parts for it and the phone number I have is 1-877-387-2276. The Model # is DUR-1700 and the serial # is BSA4132039003 F

    If you could help me I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you


  4. I have a dura brand DVD 1002 player that I have never used. I have taken it out of the box this weekend and it doesn’t work. It smells like it is burning. It will run for about 30 seconds and shut off. What can I do any ideas

  5. I am looking for an adapter for a Durabrand Portable DVD Player, PV33S701, DC IN 9-12V. MF’D April 2007.

    Thank you for your prompt response.

    gwen burkett

  6. I have a durabrand television model no. du1901a I forgot the code to change the vchip is there a way to delete the old code and put a new one in.

  7. I received my 7qt slow cooker as a gift within the last year or so, I’ve used it maybe 3-5 times. Last week I made a pot roast, later when I went to wash it there was a crack around the bottom? I tried to take it back to Walmart but they no longer carry it so couldn’t do anything. Is there a warranty on this to replace the inner pot ? I don’t have a receipt but really like this .

  8. I have a durabrand dvd player mod: dvd-1002. It has not been used much in the 2 years that I’ve owned it and it worked perfectly untill this year when the language was inadvertantly changed to spanish. Now, now matter what I do, I cannot get it to change back to english, it will go from spanish to french or german, but not back to english!!!

    I called the 1800 number durabrand listed on their website but when the person answers they tell me they do not support durabrand!!!!!!!!!!!!! Won’t be buying another durabrand product for anything!!

  9. I am not looking for anything, but to simply say, Thank You! I gave a full five stars review only because there was not an option for ten! In 2000 I moved into my first apartment and bought a Durabrand mixer as my very first kitchen appliance. I can not tell you what model or anything as it was very long ago and I did not really pay attention to that kind of thing. I will say that I loved that mixer. It saw many, many batches of cakes, candies and other confections. Sadly though, after fourteen wonderful years of cooking up storm after storm, my wonderful mixer gave up on me. Yes, you read that correctly, fourteen years. Thank you, Durabrand for making a moderately priced product that lasts and lasts. I have been unable to find your mixer in my local stores but keep on the look out. Thank you again.

  10. purchased a durabrand 10 memory wall mount phone ,after ime discovered having static problems an a black residue on the ear piece. removed it from service an removed the 3 aa batteys.upon testing them found that the voltage varied from 56.6 ,72.4 to 234.7 now a week to 10 days later the voltages vary from 50.8 ,49.6 to 380.4

  11. I need manual for Durabrand model HM3817DT CD Home Music System?

    Can I print on line manual CD System and Manual for remote?


  12. I need to find replacement beaters for a hand held mixer..It has durabrand on the bottom of device. I bought it at Walmart a few years ago.

  13. This web site claims it gives phone numbers for customer service. Where are they? I have a stand mixer model: HM 925. I need new beaters. Can I buy them separately?

  14. Received a Durabrand Alarm clock with radio and CD player. Unplugged it from one wall in the bedroom (where it worked) to another wall… will not play CD anymore (ER message). Moved to back to original position. Still won’t play. Unit has been used a total of 20 hours??? Ridiculous.

  15. I have a Sts98rw Home Theater System that works great when the loading tray doesn’t keep opening and closing.

    I would like to send it back and get that feature repaired at my expense.

  16. Hello, I have a Durabrand electric stand mixer that needs replacement blades. I cant seem to find any place that carry Durabrand products so that I can replace them. Can someone PLEASE tell me how & where I can purchase a set of replacement blades at. I will forever be grateful for the information

  17. I bought a Durabrand stand mixer at a yard sale and it is missing a beater. I wanted to see if there is anywhere I can purchase a set of beaters. The model no. is HM0112. Please e mail me some information. All the phone numbers I tried were no longer in service or they couldn’t help me with the mixer parts. Thank you, 1-29-2015

    Karen McClain

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