DVD Express


DVDXpress is a leading owner and operator of automated DVD Machine rental systems in the United States

DVDXpress DVD Express Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
1072 S. Batesville Road Unit B
Greer, SC 29650
Email Address: info@dvdxpress.net

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  1. We are one of your kiosk agents (kiosk #694) and we have not had any service or payments since May 2020. Right now our machine is down (black screen) I tried calling the I-877-385-8500 # and was told by a recorded message to go to info@dvdexpress.net. I tried it and was directed to an unsafe site. I have concerns about our customers trying to return movies to you and the machine is down. Will they be charged for extra days? Do you treat all your kiosk agents this way? We need to know what to do. Please respond ASAP! Thank you Lois Haller

  2. I hate ur company Everytime I rent a movie in goldendale wa,it skips two in a row,and can never get a promo code for the scratch DVD get ur guys shit together I’m telling everyone not to rent for u guys the movie,the call of the wild,looks like it went through a dishwasher never again will I rent from u guys!!!!

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