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  1. I got a dyson for my birthday and Christmas. imagine my surprise when I saw it put together with all the other presents under the tree. I cleaned all the filters as recommended in the guide but a lot of the seals do not seal any more. The release for the carpets I have to stand on both sides to release. I have begged for this cause I felt this would make my life easier but has created a hardship. Too many problems, not on the consumer side to mention. I never had this problems with hoover or shark. I know I will never get reponse from you people but I feel my money was ill spent. I can go on and on but I know I will never hear from you again. Going back to hoover

  2. I like the dyson but the attachment hose is too hard to use it is not flexible enough. Too hard to pull out to use. Fighting it all the time

  3. I too have been having on going issues with my cordless vac. I really like the cordless part but one issue after another and still no resolution from company. They have sent replacement parts and that still has not cured issues. They keep telling me to do these test on machine which yield no result.

  4. I would like to find out where I can buy a filter for my Dyson that goes between the bin and the cyclone into my it will not suck up without it in I lost it when I took it out to clean it is a 6 DC 19 412-AU J58054

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