EA and EA Sports Phone Number


EA Sports Customer Service Telephone Number and Contact Information. Contact EA & EA Sports Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

EA Sports Tech Support
PC Phone Number: 650-628-1905
Console Phone Number: 650-628-4322
Online Phone Number: 866-543-5435

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  1. Dear ea i went on ultimate team to have found ibrahimovic

    was gone and 75k could u refund this for me please would be very greatful my playstation network name is jakecroker thankyou

  2. Can no longer make trades! It says, trade cannot be submitted at this time. Try again later. I tried over and over and will not let me trade!!

  3. I can not advance my season in online dynasty. This has been goin on for a week. Online dynasty is currently unavailable. Wtf…plz fix this garbage.

  4. FIFA 13 server is getting worse. I love how the reply when you ask their “tech” people is that it must be my set up! If it were my set up, I would never get on. How is it that I can play through an entire game, after being 8 games into the online season, I win the game, it tells me I have lost connection with the server, and after there is no record of me even starting that season. 8 games wiped out of existence! 88 contract games minimum. I had just beat the season in Div 1!!! $3500 coins!!!

    This is by far not the only complaint. I get kicked off all the time. I couldn’t even guess how many contracts they owe me.

    I would compare you to sell cars with flat tires, but that would be fixable on my end. FIFA 13 servers are like Exxon only selling bad gasoline worldwide. Not matter where you are, every single veihcle sputters out and drives the driver crazy. We all paid for that gas and you craped up my whole day AGAIN!!! Now you aren’t answering your phones.

    This won’t be the first place that I have written about CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.

  5. On Madden 13, 9 friend and i are in a Franchise in Career Connection and we are in our 4th season which is 2017 and i’m trying to resign my players and it will not let me because its saying that I’m -$1375.33 when i go to my teram salary i have $15.78 Million dollar in cap room what is going on I have key players that i am trying to sign and do not want to let go there has to be something done because i do not even have any cap penelties.

  6. NCAA 13 online dynasty always says dynasty error and we cant advance to the next week or save a game played or anything,this crap is ridiculous,can you please fix the error,it happens every time we try to save the damn game

  7. Madden 13 is a Joke. I regret buying the game every year. Im not buying anymore. EA clearly does not care about the consumer. Pathetic of them after we feed their families every year off this one annual rip off title. This game does not progress. Hype it up every year like they fixed even 1 thing. Pathetic!! Even the simple task of cleaning up unrealistic animations, simulations. They flat out do not care. How hard is it to see that players should not run backwards or out of bounds uncontrollably? Garbage!! BTW 2012 gave us the option to control rosters and edit players to Some extent.. 2013 took it away.Grow a brain you dumb stormtroopers. I would love to get inside the building of EA sports so I could personally tell them how much of a let down this is to Millions. Not that they would care. Probably would just smerk and murmer something like “suckers!” Anyway saddest part of it all is this EA makes a huge profit off Madden every year monster difference in any other title they make. They pay for NFL rights, this 1 game pays for everything EA could ask for. Bottom line. They are content with putting the same BS out every year. They money is just fine and we keep supporting them in hopes that maybe just maybe they actually fixed this game and gave us what we deserve for spending our hard earned money at 60 bucks a pop. every year. Probably not 2k we need you!!!!! outbid these greedy scam artists.

  8. ea servers load of crap put my online pass in to go online and every time i go to play pro clubs it says were sorry your not permitted to a online pass and i was on it last night dont understand it sort it – CHRIS

  9. Are the madden ultimate servers down? WTF. I am trying to get on ultimate team and it keeps telling me ea servers are down. What is up! It’s a video game. Fix tonight or the hedge fund sells all stock tomorrow!

  10. Fix your Damn servers ea i was play ut and I’m winning the boom you have been disconnected from the ea servers! 66 contracts wasted because of this. I want those contracts back all the 40k I spent on an inform that I got but never got it so I want that back!

  11. I accidentally deleted my FUT today when i tried to delete a different squad and then it deleted both of them, i had spent £25 on my team, is there anyway to get a refund or get my team back?

    I want a refund or my team back,

    my account name is: myli248

    i will be grateful if u can help

  12. I accidentally deleted my FUT today when i tried to delete a different squad and then it deleted both of them, i had spent £25 on my team, is there anyway to get a refund or get my team back?

  13. Looks like EA sport doesn’t pay attention to nobody , they just want to sell videos, but when we really need answer!!! They never show up!!! FIFA13 is suck I bought this game and keep telling me that my setup has not be complete in FIFA world interactive… The game freeze, log me out most of the time when I’m winning…. Somebody please some answer and how we get refund.!!!!

  14. I went on fifa 13 and I got The Newcastle team and 30k then 3 houres I went back on then it has all gone I want it back please I beg you Nathan my psn is Buy-G-Star-n-Voi get me them back please

  15. I had a team worth 368,000 and when i came back to see what was sold all my players were frozen and i cudnt collect my money , they have some sort of red card in there number …i need my coins back so i can play again ..plus i have spent real money on this game so am hoping i do not get ripped off ..please sort it out

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