EA and EA Sports Phone Number


EA Sports Customer Service Telephone Number and Contact Information. Contact EA & EA Sports Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

EA Sports Tech Support
PC Phone Number: 650-628-1905
Console Phone Number: 650-628-4322
Online Phone Number: 866-543-5435

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  1. I have been playing FIFA interactive cup and I was up to division 2 and the next day I tried to play it was down to 0 cups which I had 3 and I was um division 4 again! id like you to contact me to fix this problem or where can I go to get a refound because I don’t want to keep waisting my time playing for nothing!

  2. i have tweeted you and you have not responded and i have been hacked, my gameatag for xbox 360 BiO HaZard jr and iam disapointed this is still happening people have spent there own money in so have i had 310534k and no team

  3. Ea sports should be sued for fraud

    The madden online is aweful

    People lagg at will and makes the game unplayable

    Every year we get duped into buying this freaking game

    And the online lagging is worse than any year that I have played

    My last time buying anything EA!!

  4. I want others opinion on my idea, so here I am, Fifa 13 UT: you can buy for 12,000k and it comes up with a gold team, including 5 Rares, but you can only take 3, we could call it Siti (See It And Take It)

    I couldn’t find anywhere else to share my idea so hey, thanks.

  5. EA i’ve been hacked a lost both of my teams and my consumable and now i have nothing please help im freaking out i’ve put a lot of work and money for packs !!!

  6. Ea my Fifa ut was hacked I’ve lost my whole squad and my coins. My squad was worth 250k if u can plz send it to my account plz

  7. Ive just brought messi black card and when i went on my watch list he wanst there, i checked everywhere and i went offline for 1-2 hours, i tried to get on ultimate teama and i had no team, can you do something about plz


  8. I’ve been having issues with players lost on my trade pile plus being cut of alot have not been granted with coins for lost players on trade pile on ps3 my gamer tag is TALENTS_BESTM8 having a few glitch with players not leaving trade pile please investigate and sort my problems as I’ve spent over £150 already and I’m having so many issues please contact me on any of my email address thanks in advance 8.11.2012

  9. I keep winning but it keeps saying I lose and then I loose 10 grand I’m sick of this vie put alot of time effort and Money into FIFA Ut and I’m sick of it either refund the 90 grand ive lost or at least change my record it’s ridiculous

  10. Dear EA,

    please help! someone has hacked my team in ultimate team. i worked non stop!

    please contact me as soon as possible.

    i lost : rooney , C.Ronaldo , Hazard , Hernandez , messi

  11. I just now bought nasri for 40k on FUT FIFA 13 & he isn’t showing up anywhere not even in the watchlist I known got him because I sat there and waited for the auction to finish this is the 2nd time this has happened to first with ozil I still haven’t gotten him & now nasri please help I put so much work into getting them 2

  12. EA i have been hacked! I had a barclays premier league team including Wayne Rooney and the rest of the players all add up to give 500k and i just came on FIFA 13 and now i have no players and no money.Could you please give me 500k for my ultimate team. Please because i spend so much money on microsoft pints so i could get this team and now it is gone. Thank You.

  13. Ea on ultimate team I had just started and I completed the manager tasks for a gold pack and was annoyed when I didn’t receive the pack I would be very grateful if you could give me the free pack

  14. Hi ea, i wasnt very happy at all when my ultimate team messed up. I had bought microsoft points and i had got hazard in a pack. I also had aguero and Gareth Bale in my team as i was making an premier league team.I also had 243,000 coins on my ultiamte team also. I then went on it yesterday and found out that it was all gone. Everysingle thing, my hazard, aguero Gareth bale and 243,000 coins. I would absolutley love it if you gave me them all back as i was planning on making a great team.

    My xbox gamertag is : RhysKnight x

  15. I sold some players and the coins haven’t got through and the players are still on my trade pile and I can’t get them off… Can you change this for me please and refund all the coins I’m owed from the sales… Ps3 tag.. I_WILL_WIN_2010

  16. I need to know how to unlink an origin account from my ps3. For some reason my roommates origin ID is linked to my ps3 and I can’t syync mine or play nfs most wanted online

  17. went to play ultimate team today all my players had been sold and money takin players were wayne rooney, oscar, hernandez cesar and many more not happy at all

  18. When I went into my fifa 13 ultimate team I noticed that my Robin Van Persie and Gareth Bale were gone I believe that someone has hacked into my Ultimate Team. I expect this to be fixed as soon as possible. I am really pissed that this has happened.

  19. My fifa 13 ultimate team is locked and can t find any info on getting it unlocked would be grateful if u could help gamer tag brigg5y1984 thanks

  20. My fifa ultimate team’s been hacked and I had 550K with a prermier league team I need your help

    Ps: I have a ps3 my online ID is ruhed1999

  21. I accidentally chose the wrong season in FUT offline seasons. Now I can’t play because my squad has a rating higher than four stars. I want to know if there is a way to back out of a season? Or if that feature can be added. I know I’m not the only one this has happened to.

  22. Hi i woke up this morning and went on to my ultimate team and all my players were gone and i had no money, then i went into my trade pile and someone had hacked into my account and taken all my players including Eto’o and Hazard which are 30k and 130k i am not happy could u plz either get me the money or players back 🙁

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